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    I-485 Approved

    Hello All, Today is my turn to say, We got our 485 approved .We waiting for this from last Nine Years..... Get out of this EAD/AP renewal things....... details in my signature... I have used approved...
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    Aug VB is our EB3 01JAn 2002, EB2 01 MAr 2006

    Aug VB is out for INDIA EB3 01 Jan 2002, Moved at least two month EB2 01 Mar 2006 Moved another six month.......
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    Visa Bulletin July 2010 is OUT

    Hello Guys!! July Visa bulletin is out. I see a movment in Eb2 and Eb3 for India, Please Check it out.
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    Nov Visa Bulletin

    Any Idea guys on Nov 2009 Visa Bulletin ? Any Guess on EB3 India ??? Please share
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    April 2009 Visa Bulletin is out India eb3 Moves two week ahead.
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    How to Open a SR - Need Help

    Gurus !! Please help me out on the opening a SR? I need a phone no and all the options to get there and open a SR. If you have phone no Please post it here. I want to open a Service Request to NSC as my case is pending from last eight years when we start the GC process. You can see the setails...
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    NOV Visa Bulletin

    Any Guess guys ???? Please post your comments here.
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    EB3 INDIA ( Filed in Aug 2007) Tracking

    Here is my Details Please post your details here . I hope approval will start in Oct 2008. PD Oct 2001 I140 - Approved in June 2007 I485 file on RD 06 Aug 2007 NSC 485- Pending
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    Processing dates for May

    Any idea when the new processing date will be posted on web site for May 2008. web site still show the Apr 15 2008 for all the centers.
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    Lets Track Eb3 India 2001 Filed @nsc

    Please post your case history who's PD in 2001 and did not get approved yet. Lets track the cases who have filed at Nebraska Center has PD in 2001 EB3 INDIA Here is my info PD OCT 29 2001 EB3 RIR INIDA Current as per May Visa Bulletin. I140 Approved EAD/ AP : Aprroved 485 RD Aug...
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    Name Check

    Is there any phone number to check the staus of NC. How to find out my case is in NC or NC cleared ? Please let me know
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    EAD Approved Filed on Aug 06 @NSC

    Guys, Our EAD got approved yesterday . We filed our case on Aug 06 2007 at NSC. We got the FP Notice also which are scheduled on 10/22/07. Now we are egerly waiting for GC approvals as my PD is Oct 2001 EB3 Case India. Lets see what is going to happen . As EB3 Dates are not moving even they...
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    Check cashed filed on Aug 06 2007

    Hi Guys, Today my checks has been cashed from the Bank. I filed my case on Aug 06 2007 at NSC. I hope this will help who have filed the case during this time line. Looks like NSC is working on AUG case now.
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    Oct 2007 Visa Predictions

    October 2007 Employment-based Immigrant Visa Cutoff Dates Projected. AILA has just reported to its Attorney Members, the following: On August 20, 2007, Charlie Oppenheim, Chief of Immigrant Visa Control and Reporting at the State Department, discussed with AILA Liaison informal projections on...
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    Sep 2007 Visa Buletiin is OUT

    INDIA EB1 01Jan 07 EB2 01APR 04 EB3 U
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    August First week 485 Filers at NSC ONLY

    Please update your status who had filed the case at NSC during the first week of Aug.
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    July Employment-based Visa Availability

    D. JULY EMPLOYMENT-BASED VISA AVAILABILITY After consulting with Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Visa Office advises readers that Visa Bulletin #107 (dated June 12) should be relied upon as the current July Visa Bulletin for purposes of determining Employment visa number...
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    Need Help !!! Please advise

    Hi Guru's!! I have some bad exprience with INS from the begining now I have a another situation. My LC EB3 was filed in Oct 2001 and it get rejectd and finaly went Dallas Baclock centre with remand status. it was lying there alomost 5 Years. last year My self hire a attorney and he...
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    Does anybody know about Rakesh Malhotra Attorney

    Please give me his website name. if anybody know
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    MTR for I140/485

    We have just filed the MTR for I140/485 . Does anybody else did this before ? Please share you exprience here.