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    USCIS' SAVE Program -- New Brochure 9-96-2012

    USCIS' SAVE Program -- New Brochure 9-26-2012 U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 9:37 AM (4 hours ago) to XXXXX Do you have questions about the SAVE program? Are you a benefit applicant seeking more information on your status verification query? Are you a representative of a...
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    Changed Basis for Adjustment

    NSC Newsletter may be requested via e-mail by contacting them at: This article from the current issue (September 2012) may be of interest. New basis of adjustment: In some cases, an applicant with a pending EB I-485 may become eligible to adjust under another basis...
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    Abandonment of LPR Status [New 6th Circuit Precedent] This link is to the case of Lateef, et al. v. Holder (6th Circuit June 26, 2012) which starts out with: "............................................ Petitioners Humaira Lateef, her husband and minor children...
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    New Relief for Kids Announced June 15, 2012 Secretary Napolitano Announces Deferred Action Process for Young People Who Are Low Enforcement Priorities Release Date: June 15, 2012 For Immediate Release Office of the Press...
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    Expungements are Virtually Worthless

    And have been for a LONG time! See: A case from 1959.
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    ICE Released School SEVIS Certification Appeals Decisions for 2007-Oct 2011 (released May 2012)

    See: [500 page pdf--free to download]
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    Recent Citizenship Revocation case
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    USCIS Upgrades Online Inquiry System e-Request Upgrade adds Error Reporting & Appointment Inquiry Features Effective May 11, 2012, USCIS...
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    I miss attachments capabilities

    While it is good that the members can add link to a post, I miss being able to attach a file. I understand that a size limit would be required and could be a small limit but to do away with that option completely is disheartening.
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    How does one invoke AC21???

    How To Invoke AC21! Your thoughts on this question would be appreciated.
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    New Natz Study Materials as of April 10, 2012

    USCIS sent this message today (04/10/2012): For Applicants: New Practice Tests for Naturalization Preparation The Office of Citizenship recently introduced three new practice tests to help permanent residents prepare for the naturalization interview. The first activity helps you with some...
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    A case worth tracking... The above Complaint shows promise. It seeks to make ICE live up to its stated policy to help these folks come back BUT this Compliant does not actually address the ICE Policy Directive. Amazing...
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    Links to NEW notable court cases Yet another court case on naturalization denial to get this thread started. Please add some more... This one is dated April 6, 2012 and comes from the 11th Circuit.
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    Lying on the I-9 comes back to haunt her later.... She was found to have falsely identified herself as a USC on the form I-9 when she got a job and because of that she was inadmissible and there is no waiver for that particular violation. Her adjustment was denied and she...
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    Past catches up to cause trouble. The above is the decision in U.S. v. Lang from the 1st Circuit. It is a cautionary tale.
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    Chance to COMMENT On USCIS Case Status Online

    On Monday January 30, 2012, the following notice will be published in the Federal Register (see on Monday). DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Agency Information Collection Activities: USCIS Case Status Online; Extension of an...
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    Important I-601 process change!!!!!

    USCIS just posted this important change. You can get an answer about the UNLAWFUL PRESENCE BAR BEFORE going abroad for Consular Processing Interview! Form I-601 Notice of Intent Engagement Tuesday, January 10, 2012...
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    See what lies turn into later on HEADLINE: Plano man facing immigration, health care fraud charges
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    Latest case on Derivative Citizenship Claim under former INA 321 This case involves a citizenship claim made as a defense to Removal. Apparently the removal case was put on hold and an N600 was filed and denied, appealed to AAO and dismissed, challenged...
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    Material Support Circuit Court case 12-27-2011

    The 5th Circuit has just posted a 170 page pdf of a case involving Material Support of Terrorist Organizations. In this case, it was support of a charity that was a front for Hamas. This case is a criminal case but will likely be quite important to those seeking immigration and nationality...