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    H-1 Stamping in London

    Has anybody done H-1 Stamping at the London Embassy ? My details: I have filed 485 and am pending due to retrogration. Presently on AP /EAD. My H-1 (6 yr) expired on Oct 2005. Recently applied for 3-yr extension based on pending 485 approval. Tired of renewing AP/EAD every year...
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    Problems with DS-156 (Cannot find server)

    Anybody having problems with the website?? I have an appointment with the US embassy in Ottawa on Feb 9th and was trying to fill in the DS-156 online to generate the bar code, but I cannot seem to be able to get to the website, Keep getting Cannot find server or DNS Error...
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    Visa Stamping in Ottawa in Feb

    I am planning on going to Ottawa for revalidating my H-1. My appointment is on Feb 9th 9.30am Anybody else has scheduled appointment for that time??
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    Labor Substitution

    Hello I am not sure if this is the right forum, but still. I have a job offer from a company. They say they have an approve LC and that they will file my I-140 right away (ofcourse after getting the H-1 Transfered). My education, Work experience and offered pay matches or exceeds the conditions...