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    EAD e-file NJ

    Hi, Has anyone done e-filing for EAD in NJ lately? If so, can you let me know how long it takes to get the appointment at the local ASC? Thanks, Em
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    EAD returned by Post Office

    Hi, My spouse's EAD got returned because they had entered address wrongly - street from the home address and suburb from the company address. We got a message saying that it had been returned to them by the PO. Rang up and gave the correct address. That was over a week ago. Since then...
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    Help with Tracker

    Hi Experts! Can one of you post a message to help us newbies to view and update the tracker? And please make it a sticky, so it will be available. 1) How does one look at the latest version of the tracker - other than paging through to the end of the thread which is getting to be...
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    FP - need SSN

    Hi, I went for a FP apptmt at Newark recently. Had to fill in a form which had a field for SSN. Fortunately, managed to remember it after a little bit of initial panic. Just posting a message so others can be better prepared. Em
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    Early FP in NJ?

    Hi, Has anyone had any luck with early FP in NJ? We were turned back at Newark. Our county maps to Cherry Hill, but the notice said Newark.
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    FP Newark - Turned back

    Hi, We received a FP notice for April 30th recently. As my husband had to leave at the end of the week on an extended business trip, we took the FP notice and e-ticket and went to the Newark office. We were turned back by the clerk at the front-desk (who was busy applying lip-stick)...