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    Please help, Employer not providing PERM LC

    I think you should be having a copy of some document where you fill up all the past experiences with past employers and you have the job description there.I forgot the form number..check your should be having the job description there.
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    Question about the AOS interview with no stamp

    Congrats mate..hope you can breathe a bit easy now :) Both you and your wife have a blast now and go for a second Honeymoon :)
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    Got my card last night!

    Its indeed a miracle mate..enjoy your green :)
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    stuck with the employer

    Mine was also Labor Substitution and my employer gave me ETA750B forms to fill and I filled them. Just FYI Even with Labor Substitution, employer cannot just assign the labor to anyone..the skill set has to match and then only he can do labor substitution and get it approved..just check your...
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    stuck with the employer

    Whether it is labor substitution or not, everyone will fill ETA750B document. In that document, one has to mention the skills used in each company. That is enough for AC21..
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    I-485 and pre-existing misdemeanors

    Congrats Imminewbie30 :) Atleast from now onwards, ask your hubby to follow the laws of the state and not get into any more trouble. All the Best for your Future..enjoy your hubby's green :)
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    Request for initial evidence sent, case placed on hold

    prholder, what happened to your case? did they approve your RFE?
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    stuck with the employer

    I think whenever you invoke the AC21, you need to mention only the skill set or duties...This will be filled in the ETA750A or B should be having this copy. That is enough for you. you dont need to mention the codes etc. Whenever you join the new employer, get a letter from new...
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    USCIS ssked to return Green Cards for correction - Has anyone faced similar situation?

    This is a very strange situation and I am hearing it for the first time..Hope you get the corrected cards soon....
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    I-485 RFE-responded and seeing LUDs

    This is not true in all cases. If USCIS does not have your finger prints stored, then it might request for one. But for final 485 approval, not every one will be required to go for FP.
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    Unemployment Benefits while on temporary layoff

    unemployment benefits are only for GC holders and american citizens. If you are on H1 or EAD, then you cannot claim unemployment benefit.
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    An immigration road map to Green Card

    hats off to the person who made this flow chart....has to appreciate his/her patience :)
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    Moving back the Priority Date

    if 140 was filed and approved based on your EB3, then you can port the priority date..else it is not possible
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    GC approved on 05/01/2009

    Thanks JustDoIt :)
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    Received Approval Notice - No Green Card yet

    I finally got my card on card production ordered email for my spouse
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    GC approved on 05/01/2009

    I also got my card on 5/29 and got the card production ordered email for my spouse today(6/4/09) best of luck to others..hope you will get yours too!!!
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    Tracker: Waiting for Derivative's I-485 Approval

    Hi, myself and my wife both got approval letters from USCIS. I got card production ordered and aprroval notice sent email but not for my wife. my wife status still shows as "case received and pending". i got my plastic card last week but not for my wife. anyone in this forum experienced this...
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    thanks tlkb. My 485 got approved. I am just waiting for the actual cards to arrive. :)
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    Please help ASAP - very very Urgent!!!

    Hi, you dont need to go to the same doctor. find one on the USCIS approved list of doctors and submit the required documents. maybe for safety sake, you can include a cover letter stating that you have moved to a different location due to your job etc...
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    I485 - rfe

    There is no document or form for AC21. It is a provision. You need to submit the employment letter from employer B and get the skills mentioned in that letter what you originally applied for labor so that the skill set matches and also that they will continue to employ you. You can then also...