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  1. Jesus Baray

    Green Card approved. But I don't have the tracking number.

    Hello everyone! After.... I don't know how many threads posted here finally my Green Card was approved! Now I have a final question to ask about this matter, the thing is, they said "your visa has been aproved, here are some instructions of what's next" and those instructions says that I...
  2. Jesus Baray

    Interview, vaccines and fingerprints. My lawyer is driving me nuts!

    Hi there everyone, I just got the letter where they are scheduling my interview appointment in a month from now. But my lawyer is driving me crazy! She just can't explain things well, and I don't know how to ask her any more. She tells me to make a trip right away to the U.S. in order to get...
  3. Jesus Baray

    Why since my Residency Request Process started I always get asked a million question when crossing.

    Hello Let me just explain a little for your better understanding: I started my Residency Request Process in March, since then I have been requested to go to the US by my lawyer in order to make new payments, to give her more documents or stuff, I'm a Visa B1-B2 holder. But...
  4. Jesus Baray

    DCF done without a lawyer. How can it be done?

    Hi there forum members, I've heard a loooot of things about how to achieve the obtaining of a Green Card and it seems that my best option is to apply for it directly from the U.S. Embassy here at Mexico. My wife (a US Citizen) and I are already married in the state of Texas but we live in...
  5. Jesus Baray

    Procedure of getting married and getting a green card.

    Hi there! I have like... a thousand questions. My fiance (a US citizen) and I are already living together in Mexico, now, we want to go to El Paso Tx with her family, we're about to get married there but we are like "which are the next steps?", "how can I start working legally?", "where...