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    JUNE Bulletin is out.

    Courtesy : Us Consulate mumbai Immigrant Visas Cut-Off Dates for Immigrant Visas We are pleased to announce the June 2008 cut-off dates for immigrant visas for individuals born in India and those born in most other countries. To qualify for an appointment, an applicant's priority date...
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    experts please comment

    My Wifes EAD is now approved. Can she start working on anything she wants.. Can she join a business as a partner or Can she start her own business ? FYI.. I am still on H1
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    Wierd and new message please comment.

    Receipt Number: LINxxxxxxxxx Application Type: I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS Current Status: We mailed you a decision. On June 27, 2007, we mailed you a decision on your I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS. Please...
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    where is the new visa bulletin?

    did any one see the new visa bulletin ? is this not time for a new one yet?
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    Working on EAD and get layed off?????

    hi ! I have recently moved onto EAD to use AC21. But all of a sudden things seem to be changing at the company and now they are talking about lay offs? What would be my situation if i get layed off. Will i be out of status? How much time will i have before i find my next job?
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    LUD changed on pd2002 application. (retrogressed)

    Hi! Today i have just checked my potfolio on the and i see that there is an LUD on my wife's 485 application. And I have not done any address change nor did i send anything to the service center. And i belong to retrogressed country. what could this be??
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    what happens to H4 status

    hi i will be using EAD from next tuesday .. i know that voids my H1 status ... but what happens to H4 willl my wife be out of status.... are there any documents that i need to obtain for her so she remains in status ... gurus please comment.
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    Ginnu,united nations Please comment....need to change job.

    Ginnu, First of all thanks for the loads of information that you have been sharing. I got a very good offer for FTE in a big company. I want to take up the offer. My situation is my 140 is approved and my 485 is pending for more than 180 days now. My question is Do you...
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    RFE status not updated.

    hi all Recently i have received an RFE for 485 for employement letter which i have sent to my attorney and he clains to have sent that to USCIS on the 26th of JULY. But till now the status on the website is not updated? it still says that they have sent me an this common...
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    RFE for 485 DEC2004 RD

    hi all! I have received a mail yesterday which states that they have requested for further evidence. Dont know what is the RFE about. i shall update as i get to know about it. Could that be biometrics?? or what is the normal rfe for 485? what could they ask now? but the interesting...
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    Question regarding the process for 485 adjudication

    hi! I have a Question regarding the process for 485 adjudication. I got my 140 approved the last friday. I am from a retrogressed country and my Pd is 03.mar2002. My RD for 485 is 12.17.2004. My question is how long it might take for my 485? would my application be processed...
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    This is My turn today to use the word approved

    hi guys ! I am very very happy to share the good news here in the forum. I just received "THE MAIL" from uscis stating that my I140 is approved. MY 140/485 RD 12/17/2004 EAD AND AP APPROVED IN MAR 2005. I know its going to take time for 485. but i am atleast relieved to the...
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    Is Stamping a must.

    hi I have a basic question . Is stamping a must after your gc aproval? cant we just wait for the plastic card and not get stamped.? Of course if i do not have any plans to travel.?
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    Fbi Name Check Question

    Gurus, Does any one know what is the average time taken for the name check process to complete. does your file go for name check immediately after your finger prints? please answer
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    how to know whether my case is still active.

    My ND: 03/07/03 RD : 03/12/03 140 and 485 concurrent filing. received rfe in may and answered on 18th of JUne. which is the message showing when i go online for status. I have not heard anything after that. so called BCIS about the status they sent me the status as EAD is denied so the...
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    ND is in mar2003 or before

    hi all is there any one whose ND is in mar2003 or before but still waiting for 140 approval ??? please give your details.
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    Need Experts comments

    hi ! I applied my 140 and 485 concurrent with a substitute labor that i got from my company. Also applied for EAD and AP for all of these applications, RD - 03/07/03 ND - 03/12/03 I got an RFE on Company Tax Returns and My Education Evaluation. Which was recieved by BCIS on...
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    how often do they update the BCIS site do we know..

    Whats happenning is that on they show the status of EAD approvvals for NSC as june 10 2003 but my nd is mar12 and rd is mar 7 2003 and still i didnt get my ead approved .... so i am a lil concerned and worried abouit this..
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    delays with i140 approvals.

    I am seeing that there are lot of approvals that are pending with NSC that are having the RD in feb and mar also at the same time i have seen people saying that their RD in apr and may and their 140 is approved ..... any body knows whats happenning ?