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    InfoPass Appointment

    I setup a infopass appointment for myself on Monday. I got a confirmation receipt. When I tried to setup an appoitment for my wife, I am getting an error message saying "unable to setup appointments at this time". Is this a system issue or they are checking my the IP address. I used a different...
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    WAC-02-184-5xxxx Approved!

    Hello, It was long wait. Finally it's over. I got my approval e-mails for me and my wife today. Thought I should let you guys know. Thanks to 140_takes_4_ever, pinnacle_man, Kulfi, max2k1 and many others who had been great help through this process. Many Thanks to Rajiv Khanna for hosting...
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    Scanner (Seniors Please Help)

    We had some seniors suggesting us to restart the scans. I will need some guidance from them if they are listening. 1. I had done some scanning lately. I run the WAC-02-184 alone. For larger files, I am stuck since I do not have a good proxy list. If you have one, please pm me. 2. Had...
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    I called for a followup

    I have sent two fax inquiries (level I and level II) till now and called up CIS on August 19. No response for all of them. I tried e-mail, the e-mail address ( does not exist. Don't bother e-mailing. I called up CIS again yesterday (9/14) to followup. They seem to have...
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    Moved to Interview

    A collegue of mine got a fax saying his case has been transferred to interview. How does this work? and what are the questions he can expect? He is a WAC03 with a RD in November 2003 and has 1 EAD. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Fax Inquiry

    Can someone explain what a Level 1 or Level 2 fax means? If this is the first time I am checking my status, what is the level? Also, can some one please link the fax thread that had a bunch of information? Search in this portal gives too much information (from other service center forums)...