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    What books/CDs are nice for step1 preperation?
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    Thread to discuss USMLE application processing

    Please discussion USMLE application to ECFMG related issues here.
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    USMLE thread

    Chinese USMLE thread Welcome to discuss USMLE matters here!!!
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    Is deleware a good place to live??

    Dear folks, After getting my damn green card, I am thinking about where the best place to live is. I am so tired of NJ where there is nothing but crazy housing, crazy car insurance, bad traffic, rude people. I am considering Delaware. It has no sales tax. The new house there prices around...
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    To those who are desperate !!

    Dear desperate waiters, As a previous desperate waiter, I have a lot of thoughts about this green card stuff. Let's start with the emtional change after gc. When I first got my gc on hand, I felt nothing but a bit released and comfortable. There was absolutely no excitement since my...
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    Cards received :)

    Dear all, I have received our green cards for me and my wife today. It is white in front and a little green in the back. Looks nice though. 3 years desperate waiting is FINALLY over! Thanks all for precious information and encouragement. good luck to all. ric2
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    cards ordered on 10/11/2002

    Just checked online status. It says that cards are odered on 10/11/2002. I am closing the deal ... lollllll
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    Any recent approvals get card ordered??

    Please post. thanks.
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    card ordered??

    For those folks who have passport stamped between 9/1 - 9/18, please check AVM. Your card may be ordered! I did not hear this music though. Please share if you have the good news.
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    for those who recently have passport stamped.

    Dear all, Anyone with passport stamped between 9/1 and 9/18 has "CARD ORDERED" information on AVM? regards,
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    Passport stamped this morning in Newark

    The whole process took about 2 hours. We were first in a wrong line. The correct line is at the BACK of the buliding, not the side of buidling. The officer (1) take the finger print for us. (2) take EAD/AP/APPROVAL NOTICE/I94. (3) stamp the passport. It is easy. The I-94 is the little...
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    folks who have done stamping recently, what is I-94?? please help

    I think It is the I-94 attached into my passport. It was issued when I first came here with D/S status. My question is wether I should bring my H1B approval notices where a section of them has repeated I-94 information. Sorry for openning another thread for this question. I'd like to have...
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    what is exactly the I-94?

    Hi, gurus, As all we know that I-94 is a required document for stamping. What exactly is it? I have an I-94 card when I first entered the country and then I saw an I-94 section in each of two H-1Bs. However, I have never used my HIB for traveling. Should I bring my H1B notices also...
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    Got the I485 approval notices

    Our cases were approved on 09/09/2002 and we received the notices on 09/14/2002. I can not wait to stamp on Wednesday!!
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    Hi, forget about puzzles. Have some real fun!

    If you are under 18, please do not click! If you are female and you are shy, please do not click! I am really suprised by its creativity :)
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    ric2's cases are approved today! RD 09/04/2001

    Dear All, Today, it is my turn to say that my case has been approved. It is indeed a long long waiting! Today, it finally comes to an end. Thinking about the entire journey, I have a lot to comment. But I have decided to refrain myself this time. I am so sorry for what I said recently. As...
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    IIOs are recently declined to give any details!!

    Usually, they give out some information. But recenrly, they are declined to give out anything but say "processing tp to Septembet 1st". It is the sign for bad thing.
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    Sep RD non-frequent caller please call IIO to share your experience.

    Please do not just watch and greedily grab information for here. Please contribute your effort also. If you are not a frequent caller, especiall you have never called, please call IIO to find out what is going on with your case.
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    No approvals since Labor Day??

    What the hell VSC is doing???? All other service centers report processing time bi-weekly, but VSC does it bi-monthly. What a hell which should be destroyed ASAP.
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    We should see some approvals today!!

    Time to check AVM, fellows!! good luck.