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    EAD returned by Post Office

    Hi SS & others, We received the EAD card today :-) 6 weeks after I received mine, but both were approved on the same date. We also found out that the original error was caused by the attorney's clerk typing in the wrong postcode (the suburb was fine). Next problem was the USCIS...
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    EAD returned by Post Office

    Resend message from USCIS Hi, Today there was an e-mail from USCIS stating "On May 25, 2005, the document we made based on the approval or registration of this case was mailed directly to the person to whom issued." We never received any message after the last attempt at correcting the...
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    EAD returned by Post Office

    Hi SS, We rang USCIS today though it is only 3 weeks since we gave them the address change. We hit a helpful officer. She said that the address had not been changed in their system and there was no record of our previous conversation giving address change. That was really funny because we...
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    EAD returned by Post Office

    Hi SS, We are still waiting. No news. Can only ring USCIS next monday. Meanwhile, we will be booking an infopass appointment tomorrow, as the 91st day is June 8th. And my spouse will have to travel a long way for the appointmennt too. So we are sitting behind you in the same boat! I...
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    EAD returned by Post Office

    Hi Shah, What is the home postcode on your EAD application? I think that will be the basis for which local office you have to go to. Though, I see from the forum that some people have gone to the local office close to them and got the card. So it may be worth giving your closest local office...
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    EAD returned by Post Office

    Try the local office Hi Shah, Thanks for the pointer to other mails. I read through them. My understanding is that some people got EAD issued at the local office, while others were asked to reapply. So, I think it will very well be worth going to the local office to see whether you can...
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    EAD returned by Post Office

    why not IEAD? Hi Shah, Where is the rule that says that you can't apply for an interim EAD if your EAD has already been approved? Did you get this information from a lawyer? Because my lawyer hasn't ruled out going for an Interim EAD. Best wishes for a speedy resolution, Em...
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    EAD e-file NJ

    Hi, Has anyone done e-filing for EAD in NJ lately? If so, can you let me know how long it takes to get the appointment at the local ASC? Thanks, Em
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    EAD returned by Post Office

    Hi Smit Shah, You can also go to the local office and get an Interim EAD 90 days after your original application. When did you apply for the EAD? I think the date in your signature isn't right . Regards, Em
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    I-140 End to End Process

    Hi, I know one person who was in a similar situation to yours in 2004. He did concurrent filing of I-140 and I-485 based on his lawyer's assurance that it will take at least an year, so he will have time to get married. Unfortunately, his I-485 was approved in record time - something like 2...
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    EAD returned by Post Office

    Hi Smit Shah, There has been no LUD after the change of address. There were one LUD wikth no message change after the FP was received by them. I have no idea on what can be done about this. USCIS do not even want you to ring them for 30 days. Let me know if you come to know of...
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    EAD returned by Post Office

    Hi, My spouse's EAD got returned because they had entered address wrongly - street from the home address and suburb from the company address. We got a message saying that it had been returned to them by the PO. Rang up and gave the correct address. That was over a week ago. Since then...
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    Help with Tracker

    Hi Experts! Can one of you post a message to help us newbies to view and update the tracker? And please make it a sticky, so it will be available. 1) How does one look at the latest version of the tracker - other than paging through to the end of the thread which is getting to be...
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    FP - need SSN

    Hi, I went for a FP apptmt at Newark recently. Had to fill in a form which had a field for SSN. Fortunately, managed to remember it after a little bit of initial panic. Just posting a message so others can be better prepared. Em
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    2005 Consolidated Tracker (140/EAD/AP/FP/485)

    Tracker help Hi, How do I view the latest version of the 2005.xls tracker? The first message by Joyd contains a blank file? Is there any specific place where I can locate the latest version? How do I update the file with my information? Can I update the excel file directly? Or should I...
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    Early FP in NJ?

    Hi, Has anyone had any luck with early FP in NJ? We were turned back at Newark. Our county maps to Cherry Hill, but the notice said Newark.
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    Urgent.....Only Wife received FP Notice

    FP for myself only Hi, I got my FP notice 3 days ago. My husband hasn't got it yet. But the attorney got the notice for both my husband and myself on the same day. With FP notice, both the attorney and the customer seem to get originals, so either one should do. Also there has been no LUD or...
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    FP Newark - Turned back

    Hi, We received a FP notice for April 30th recently. As my husband had to leave at the end of the week on an extended business trip, we took the FP notice and e-ticket and went to the Newark office. We were turned back by the clerk at the front-desk (who was busy applying lip-stick)...