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    My GC approved should check with your lawyer... Usually, it is your LC RD.
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    My GC approved

    Hello All, I just want to let you know that my 485 has been approved on Friday. I recieved en email from CRIS. No cards yet. Details. Eb2 India, PD Dec, 2002 RD Oct 2005. Name check Road block. Received email on May 9th. It is actually a long story that started in 2000. Did not want...
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    Why USCIS is approving cases with RD 2007?

    Because, they are idiots... It is because, they are idiots...
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    Not seeing EB2 approvals any more..

    Yeah, but Yeah, but I am not seeing approvals since last Thursday. There was some sudden burst of approvals in the first three days of the last week. -Sri
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    Not seeing EB2 approvals any more..

    Scary....;-) -Sri
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    Got It ! What a relief

    I told the same to my before yesterday...and she got it yesterday.. and I told you yesterday, and you got it today.. Well, thanks for the offer....I am in Bay I am happy for you.. have fun... -Sri
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    Got It ! What a relief

    I told you Jayz... I told you so man....congratulations...
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    Came to know about one approved EB2 case

    FP is valid for 15 months. Hello Dull guy, FP is valid for 15 months...and not 1 year.... Keep up the hope my friend... yours could on way too... thanks, Sri
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    Came to know about one approved EB2 case

    Too much delay in your case my friend... Hello Jay, I see that your RD is in 2002. Man, I am really annoyed that they did not touch your case till now... All the best for this month. Keep up the patience... LUDs is good sign... -Sri
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    Came to know about one approved EB2 case

    Hello All, I just came to know about one of my friend's is approved today EB2...and RD is July of 2007 and PD Jan 2003. I don't know what they are doing with previously filed cases.. thanks, Sri
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    spoke to TSC today (new twist)

    You should be okay... Hello my friend, Don't should be okay....there were cases that were approved after the last memo and name check clears... -Sri
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    Still Waiting since May 2001 Please Advise

    Wait another 15 days and check with them.. Call them after 15 days and ask them to see if they have any comments on the problem...
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    Pelase post EB2 Approvals here

    Hello All, Please post EB2 Approvals here for April 1st cases. Please provide the information such as RD, ND, PD and more importantly LUDs along with the country you are from. thanks a lot, Sri
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    EB2 -PD Current--in April 2008

    What was the message on your case Hello VA, Did you see any change in the message on your LUD date. thanks, Sri
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    Any LUDs for cases going to be current in April

    Hello All, Are there any LUDs in Jan to March for the cases that are going to be current in April'08. If so, could you please provide your LUD details. I have one LUD in Jan 24th. But, my family left to India that day...So, I can't correlate.. thanks, Sri
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    Do I need to pay App Fee for my EAD

    Hello All, I was reading through the instructions and came across a section that goes like this... <b> NOTE: If you filed a Form I-485, Application to RegisterPermanent Residence or Adjust Status, as of July 30, 2007, nofee is required to also file a request for employmentauthorization on...
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    What a Mess....MY 485 TRAVELING ACROSS USA....

    Yes, you should be happy...your case is getting finalzied... Stop being a lazy ass.
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    Travelling to India- AP or H1B

    Why are you struck up? I am also thinking of going for stamping over AP. Can you please tell me the reason for your struck up...What steps did you do? thanks, Sri
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    Can I go for H-1 stamping while 485 is pending.

    Hello All, I have to visit India and I am looking for options as my wfie's AP approval is not in sight... I have applied for 485 and APs for my self and my wife. While, I have received mine and my wife hasn't yet... Now, I wanted to see if I can go for H1 visa stamp and come back on...
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    Question about AP usage..

    Hello All, I have two APs. 1) Old one ends on Feb 9th 2008. 2) New one starts on Feb 10th 2009. My question is as follows. Can I leave the country before 2nd AP starts and come back with 2nd AP? And also, I have my H1 visa till Feb 2009. Should I go with H1, if so, can I go for H1...