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    485 processing time

    Mine is still waiting and the last time I checked they are still processing application by May and mine is on June.
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    Asylee derivatives green card 2015 applicants timeline

    Hi All, I am a derivative through my wife. I applied for adjustment of status on June. I am follwing the processing time for Nebreska office and they are processing applications from May 2 and hoping that my application will be processed by next month.
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    485 processing time

    Hi all, I also sublitted my I-485 last moth as a derivative asylee and it will be prcessed in Nebraska.
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    I-485 Tracker

    Hi Guys. Today I just checked USCIS website and saw this "On July 16, 2014, your name was updated relating to your I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS. Please check our website at for further updates on your case. Please wait until the end of...
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    I-485 Tracker

    We filled for my spouse on March 2013 and fingerprint on May. So far still waiting for the approval.
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    Renewing a driver's license

    I think yes.
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    I730 2013 applicants and time frame optimistic stories only

    I applied in March 2013 and got request for additional evidence on September 2013. I submitted immediately but my application approved in June 2014. So total more than a year but I think it was my mistake at the beginning that I submitted wrong doc.
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    212(e) 2 year home residency + Asylum - Can you get GC

    So you are almost in same situation with me J-1 and applied for asylum. Hope it will be approved soon.
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    Applying for political Asylum from J1 Visa

    Thanks Ms. A. It has been a confusing issue to me since everyone tells different story and i did not find any thread which directly related to this issue, maybe I am one that is unique of this situation.
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    April 2013 Asylum Applicants

    Any news since January?
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    Asylum After J-1 Waiver?

    Does that mean even if I hold J1 visa and I am granted asylum, I do not need a viewer for GC application? Thanks
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    Applying for political Asylum from J1 Visa

    Hi everyone. It seems this is the most relevant threat to my situation. My situation is as follows: My wife applied for asylum and she was granted then I also applied to be derivative and I was also recently granted. I came to USA with J1 visa and she also had j2. My question is that do I...
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    I 730 approved

    Guys who applied for I-730 and approved, I would like to learn more about your cases. Why did not you together apply for asylum? Which is better do you think, applying for I-730 and wait a year or apply for I-130 once your spouse's GC is approved? Thanks
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    asylum based on spouse

    Hello. I have just seen your post. Very first thing you may consider either applying as derivative asylee from her case which in this case you do not need to prove any kind of fear. By the way it has been long time since you posted this. What is your current situation? oakkas
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    Asylum After J-1 Waiver?

    Hey Guys, My question is a bit more complicated. The very first application of your comments that my spouse can apply for adjustment of status as she completes a year with asylum status. She also had J-2 as derivative from my J-1. That is fine part. The complicated part is that; I applied to...
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    I-730 applicant in USA

    was there any interview for that.
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    I 730 approved

    Hi Guys, Can you give some information about your cases such as process times, was there interview or not. I also applied to I-730 aftet my spouse got her asylum, but it has been 9 months that i did not get approved yet. thanks
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    I-730 applicant in USA

    I am in USA too with J-1 visa which was expired by the end of August. I applied for I-730 at the end of March 2013 and my fingerprint was taken. But nothing yet since then.
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    i 730 Processing Time

    I have filled it at the end of March 2013 and fingerprint was taken. Nothing since then.