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    FP notice received on APPROVED case!

    Today my wife just get her approval notice which approved date is 11/26/03, and at the same time there is also a FP notice dated 12/02/2003 asking to re-do the FP. Her second FP was done on June 6 this year! this is very interesting and I think BCIS messed up something agian. Any similar...
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    Could someone share the stamp experience at LA office

    Please share the experience, such as how early we have to get there and which line we should in and what is the room # for stamping. Where I have to park there etc. as detailed as possbible, since we plan to stamp there next week. We just moved from philadelphia to LA, so we are new here. Can...
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    spouse's Oct. 1, 01 case pending

    senator's office called me that BCIS is going to pull out my spouse's file by next week, don't know if it's another lie.
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    spouse's case still pending? please post here

    I and my spose filed together on Oct. 1/01, mine was approved on Feb.24, 03, but spouse's still pending. It's been 3 months now, amyone has the similar experience please post. thanks.
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    new job, help!

    SPAM: new job, help! I'll move from Pennsylvania to Thousand Oaks, CA soon. Can anyone give me some information about the area? such as housing, attaction etc. Thanks very much!
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    Anyone's spouse not been aproved please post!

    Let's count on spouse's case not been approved. RD 10/1/01 Mine AD 2/24/02, spouse is still waiting.
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    Card received, my GC journey is done.

    Got the card yesterday and everything is fine. PP stamped on Feb. 27th, 03 AVM changed to Card ordered on March 21th, 03. Online msg still on 'RFE received' Card received on 4/1/03 My wife's case still pending, good luck all!
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    it's wired, that's means my card is ordered?

    My GC was approved and PP has been stamped since last week, but today the online msg has changed as below: Current Status: On March 7, 2003, we received your response to our request for evidence or information. It is taking between 365 and 540 days for us to process this kind of case...
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    my online msg has changed, it's wired!

    My GC PP has been stamped last week, but today my on line msg has changed as below: Current Status: On March 7, 2003, we received your response to our request for evidence or information. It is taking between 365 and 540 days for us to process this kind of case. However because...
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    To RIC2 and all friends!

    ric2, I think we are in the same boat. Do you think it's a good idea to join a big California based bio-tech company as biostatistician is good time now (AFTER GC<2 months). How's your job hunting in Delware (AZ)?
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    anyone heard the INS will close their phone line soon?

    My lawyer told me that the (802)527-4917 will be terminated soon, anyone know this?
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    PP stamped at Philly this morning

    I got the approval notice yesterday so I decide to go stamping today. Arrived at 1600 Callowhill around 7:45 and parked the car on 17th street, waited about 10 minutes to get in and another 45 minutes to got the number and went out to put quarters into the meter. When I got back I found my...
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    How long the plastic card been ordered recently?

    I am going to move in 1 month, what should I do. May I change my address when stamping?
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    Does anyone know I should stay at current employer for at least 6 months?

    this is anothing to do with AC21? anybody knows? thanks.
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    RD Oct.1 RFE case approved!

    but my wife's online and AVM didn't change, is this normal? I am going to join another employer next Monday, any suggestions? Good luck to all. RD Oct. 01, 2001 ND Nov.19, 2001 RFE received Jan. 5, 2003 AD Feb. 20, 2003 Im going to have a very nice weekend!
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    Anyone whose FP is on anniversary still not been approved please post here!

    My FP was received by INS on Jan. 25/02, does INS will requre us to redo FP? Thanks for the advance!
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    A question to TheRealCanadian

    Since your case was tranfered after you replying the RFE, could you tell me the reason? Did you call IIO after the replying RFE? Thanks! Good luck!
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    Anybody who replied RFEs recently (>Dec. 02)

    My attorney replied RFEs on 1/2/02 by Fedex next day express, but INS online msg still not updated to RFE received till today, anybody have similar experience, please tell me how soon the INS updated online after the mail receiving. Thanks very much!
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    Any Sept./Oct. filers who got RFEs in Dec. please post here!

    I've got my RFE details from my attorney today: 1. An original letter on company letterhead from your current employer stating your date of hire, duties, remuneration, and prospect for continued employment. 2. Your earnings statements for the past three months 3. Federal Income Tax...