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    Mission Accomplished

    GC approved today. feeling great today ( Nine years with same employer). Thanks
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    spoke to TSC today (new twist)

    got connected to TSC within 5 mins of calling. me:- I would like check the status of my application ... gave src number io:- Name check cleared... waiting to be assigned to officer. me:- it has been more than 120 days since i responed to RFE. no update on my case so far io:- once...
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    First day of eb2 retro

    i came across something like if your case has been pre-assigned visa number, cases can be approved even if PD is not current. I would like to use this thread to track.... Guys please pour in your suggestions.....
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    Eb2 approval wave seems to be over?

    Guys Be prepared for long wait............... No new Eb2 approvals since y'day.... i think TSC is done with eb2 for now...
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    I-485 LUD on sunday? (11/25/2007)

    Does anyone have I-485 LUD on sunday?. I had one
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    I-485 Rfe

    Hi All, There was a RFE on my I-485 application. Does it mean that my security checks are completed?. I read somewhere that RFE if any is issued only if all background checks are completed. Please share your thoughts.... PD DEC 2001 EB2 India I-485 applied in July 2006 Thanks
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    AC21 and salary difference (lower)

    Hi I am about to be laid off. My I-485 has been pending for more than 15 months after I-140 approval. I am going to invoke AC21.Although job duties are same, the new salary is less than LC salary by 13%. Will there be any issue?. As per AC21 guidelines, "Substantial difference in wage...
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    Tracker:- 2006 EB2 filers with PD 2002

    With the SEP visa bulletin showing availability for EB2 India (PD 2004), let track EB2 filed in late 2005 and 2006 with old PD 2002 and onwards. I have not seen any approvals for Eb2 2006 filers. Thanks PD :- EB2 FEB 2002 I-140:- RD JUNE 2006, AD JULY 2006 I-485:- RD JULY 2006, LUD...
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    Processing based on RD or PD? (EB2)

    Hi All, I have started a new thread on how uscis processes I-485. Is it based on Receipr date(RD) or priority date(PD). Of late, i have not seen any EB2 approvals. With the SEP visa bulletin showing visa availability for EB2, can we expect some EB2 approvals?. Also, based on the EB3...