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    4 years and 1 day rule for a trip lasting less than 1 year

    Greetings. Those who were subject to the 5-year continuous residence requirement and taken at least one trip abroad which lasted more than 6 months but lass than a year; have you successfully applied the 4 years and 1 day rule in your N400 application? I've been LPR since 7/2011 but taken a...
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    Tracking GC delivery via USCIS ELIS

    Hi folks, I have successfully moved to southwest Florida about a month ago and I'm waiting to receive the plastic Green Card in mail. I was wondering if the USCIS ELIS system where as folks remember had to pay your Immigrant Fee after you've received your visa but before you moved the US, can...
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    US Address (after the interview)

    Hi folks, I've been searching through the forum for an answer but to no avail. I'm a DV2013 winner with the interview coming this May. Originally I've answered the questions 10 and 11 (asking for my US mailing and permanent residency address) on the DS-230 as "N/A (will provide at later...
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    Medical in London (Knightsbridge Doctors) - no vaccination records

    Hi folks, My interview's been scheduled for May 15 in London, UK. I've just booked a medical check appointment with the Knightsbridge Doctors who are the London Embassy's approved panel of drs. Firstly, from those folks who have already done medicals at Knightsbridge Doctors, do you think...
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    Opening a bank account before arrival

    As probably everyone who's just recently won DV I'm thinking how to make my move to the US and the first couple of months there the smoothest transition possible. Similar to the UK where I am from, I know to rent an apartment in a nice area from a serious landlord they will want to do a credit...
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    Does the DV lottery really guarantee a diversity?

    Hi folks, My wife and I've been playing the DV lottery since DV-1998 (so for the last 14 years? if I count correctly) and I remember the days when there was no online application or online status check and everything was sent out by a regular mail. After more than a decade of playing we...