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    Interview Stamped/Not Stamped

    I think we need to start a tracker for all who have been interviewed and whether they were stamped or not stamped I am noticing a lot of recent interviews with no stamps. at least in here we can keep track. Please add your data for the year 2005
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    need help with FP issue

    OK I went for my 2nd fingerprint in HArtford CT and it wasn't cleared due to my fingers being cracked and unreadable so I am now rescheduled for this weds 26th can anyone help my finger tips are not really cracked more like wrinkled like when you get out of water and it is extremely hard to see...
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    How long does it take for a case to transfer to local office

    Does anyone know what the transfer time between the transfer dat and the district office receiving it the reason I ask is my case transferred to Hartford OCt 03 but Hartford claims it was received in there Aug 04 that is 10 months later????
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    faxed letter to Lieberman

    Ok 2 weeks ago I finally got mad and faxed a letter to lieberman in regards to my 485 which has been sitting in HArtford for 1 year and we have heard nothing so what happens next do I contact them or will they contact me ?? the processing dates have jumped to Jan 04 and I was trans Oct 03...
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    3rd EAD finally approved MSC

    485 RD June 02 TD Hartford Oct 03 3rd EAD ND MAy 13th 04 Biometrics MAy 21st AD Sept 9th So it looks MSC is taking 4 months to process EAD's
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    IEAD Advice

    My EAD was filed april 27th 04 in MSC via Hartford my 485 is in Hartford and has been for 10 months my 765 is still not approved and is already going into 100+ days I was told to go online to make an appointment to get a IEAD at HArtford the only thing is you can only send one application in on...
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    EAD renewals at national benefit centre

    Ok I think we need a EAD tracker for EAD filed into national benefit centre 485 Hartford (I think) I know that alot of the district offices are no longer dealing with 485 and supporting documents and they transfering all 765 onto national benefit center RD April 27th 2004 ND May 13th...
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    EAD Renewel requires fingerprint

    we just applied for our 3rd EAD at the end of April and have received notice of action for fingerprints we have to make an appointment to go and get them done and it states at the top of the letter it is for the applications I765 has anybody else had this our 485 case was transferred to Hartford...
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    ok now I am confused

    I am a June Filer who was transferred to Hartford.. as per this website I just checked the status that hartford is at in regards to 485 applications and it states they are processing nov 03 my case was transferred on oct 31st so it should be up for processing but why are there many cases who...
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    doe's anyone know

    OK if the greencard has to be dealt with within the 365-590 days but it gets transferred do all these rules go out the window ?? or does the processing time frame still stand I have been in VSC for 16 months before I was transferred do I have to start a whole new process at the local USCIS I...
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    Anyone transferred to HArtford.. Tracker

    Well I guess the old tracker died ... PD Apr 2001 ND June 18th 2002 FP July 24th 2002 2 EAD Approvals TD October 31st 2003 I don't know the interview wait times but its looking like 1 year Thnks alot USCIS now my case looks to have started all over again in another backlog:mad:
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    Transfer June Case

    I just checked the online case status and it states that my case has been transferred to Hartford does anyone know what the wait time is for them processing or is there anyway of tracking it in there system ... I called my lawyer and she told me its now gone to sit in there backlog .... what fun...
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    Out of Curiosity

    How long does the medical last ??? I know the fingerprints is 15 months does this mean we have to fork out more money to have another medical??????:confused: