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    July'05 - Plastic Card Tracker

    Passport stamped on 07/14/2005 at Manchester, NH. FYI, I didn't have an INFOPASS appointment, and Machester branch office accepts walk-in. For people in Boston area, it is very convenient and the staff there are very friendly. I arrived there about 10:30AM and only waited for less than 30...
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    passport stamping this month for EB3 approvals

    My case was approved on 6/30, and I did passport stamp on 7/14 without any problem.
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    Anybody approved in last 2 days

    My case was approved yesterday. See details below :)
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    VSC I-485 RFE Sent and waiting for response TRACKER

    Just received approval emails for my spouse's case too. :) This is the best gift for the coming july 4th! :p
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    VSC I-485 RFE Sent and waiting for response TRACKER

    Hi VA_CH, The fax was sent to (802)527-4816. I used a template found in this forum. For your convenience I attached it below: ============================================== To: USCIS Vermont Service Center Attention: Expedite Request 75 Lower Welden Street St. Albans, VT 05479-0001...
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    VSC I-485 RFE Sent and waiting for response TRACKER

    Just found the magic approval email from VSC in my inbox!!! :D This case has been approved. On June 30, 2005, an approval notice was mailed.... The email was sent at 20:15 :) I sent a fax of expidite request to VSC on Monday, but I already gave up hope of being approved before...
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    March 2003 485 Still Pending - Any one in same status ?

    Still waiting... :( See my details below.
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    Where can I find Priority Date for EB3 category?

    Priority Date is the date that you filed your LC. The visa number availability for EB3 category can be found at:
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    VSC I-485 RFE Sent and waiting for response TRACKER

    See my details below. LUD changed on 06/24, 06/27 after VSC received my RFE response.
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    Visa Numbers Unavailable

    I filed inquiry through my congressman's office in early May right after my PD became current, and the following are VSC's reply: The case was put on visa hold but should not be any longer. I am pulling the files to have them sent to the adjudications area for processing. From this, I...
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    PD in 2002?
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    JBee Approved

    Congrats! What's your PD?
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    On rupnet, a retrogression affected case was approved

    Saw this case on rupnet, and seems not a fake case :) Any comment? Pat LIN-03-107-xxxxx PD 03/01/2002 RD 02/06/2003 ND 03/06/2003 AD 01/18/2005 IND-MI-EB3...
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    Please Shed some light on FP

    Same here. I-485 ND 3/31/2003. My attorney initiated two inqueries regarding my first FP, but no replies from VSC yet. :mad:
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    backlog petition to congresspersons

    Please count me in. Details are in my signature.
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    How many initiated the Case Status inquiry with RD < 06/01/2003

    My attorney filed an inquiry on behalf of me and my spouse. He asked the service center to issue finger print notices and adjudicate my I-485 cases.
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    Please respond: I-485 ND before may 2003

    Me too! Still waiting for FP1!!!
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    Did you hear from FBI name check?

    I faxed FBI about name check, and got the reply in 10 days! :)
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    Medical Examination Physicians? or Using a telephone, you can receive the names of USCIS-designated Civil Surgeons in your area by calling the USCIS National Customer Service Center at 1 (800) 375-5283. You will need to provide your zip code so that they can give you the Civil...
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    *March 2003 Tracker*

    I faxed FBI an inquiry of my name check status last week, and received an email this afternoon saying that my name check was completed on November 2003 and forwarded to USCIS. Hope I can receive FP notice soon...