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    medical exam for temporary worker who has child with special needs---urgent

    hi all this query is for a friend. due to problems with I 140 my friend and her family have to move to canada within a month. duration of work will be about a year. my questions are 1. do they have to go to medical exam if they are going from US? 2. if there is no exam do they still...
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    Question regarding Indian PP of a minor(going to renew at NY)

    hi all i had a question regarding indian passport of a minor. i need to get new pp done for my son at the indian consulate in NY The docs they ask to attach include a notarized affidevit (NOC), attested copies of parent's PPs and parent's PP (i am not very clear on last one). the last...
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    OT: Is Travel Document same as having PR of Canada?

    this is off topic but I did not know where to post this question. i need to get my son's indian passport done. on the application form the Q 24 asks us to declare if we ever possessed any other nationality or travel document of any other country. we do not have any other nationality but we...