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    A quick question on eligibility for DV

    Out of curiosity.. I have seen "vocational school" is one of the choices on DV form, but I also saw some statement saying that vocational school is not acceptable. This statement is all over the internet if you search on google, but none of them is from State Department , but they are from...
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    ESTA is mandatory for all the VWPers.
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    Rule change with VWP. You have to get screened and get authorization before travel to the US under VWP.
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    B to F.. What's the real life practice ?

    A while back, CIS mentioned that those comming with B visa has to tell the intent of study at POE and gets note on I-94, otherwise, COS of B to F won't be approved. What is actual experience ? Are they really enforcing this rule strictly ?
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    US-VISIT heads up
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    US-VISIT new fingerprinting
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    US-VISIT new fingerprinting
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    US-VISIT new fingerprinting
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    US-VISIT Heads up
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    Mini immigration reform bill in Senate.

    Contains ONLY H1B and EB relief. No bill#, but I think this is S1092. It is dated material as some quota increase is specified to this year too, so that it should reach verdict pretty quick. The reform is not comprehensive, but still some good stuffs in it...
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    Why two thread trees ?

    It's a little off topic,but I recently noticed that there were two thread trees in H visa section, i.e. one which is correct one, another which is below STOMP SPAM post on H visa top section. The latter one is not supposed to be there, but new members probably are confused and mistakenly click...
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    Full text of STRIVE

    Somebody in asylum section posted full pdf text of STRIVE. Jump to page 384 where EB provision starts. I guess this provides you good weekend reading.
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    7th year experience on approved I140.

    Does anyone ACTUALLY got 7th year extension based on approved I-140 with less than 365 days old LC ? I'd like to hear real life experience.
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    US-VISIT for LPR

    US-VISIT may mandate LPR to fingerprinting/photographing upon entry. You can send comments through this page.
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    potential temination of DV program ?

    I heard there is currently discussion going on to end DV program. How far is that true ? I did google,but could not find any links. If anybody has links, I'd appeciate the pointer.
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    Approved H1 petition,but stamp denied

    I understand H1 stamp is only for entering the US and approved H1 petition rules one's status. Does that mean even though H1 stamp is denied, one still has valid H1 ? One potential case is one has I485 pending and AP, but does not have EAD. This person has H1 renewal approved, and H1 stamp is...
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    AC21 and sponsor company

    I have a quick question and please enlighten me. When invoking AC21 to change job, does it shift GC sponsor company to new company or stay with old company ?
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    What will happen if give up citizenship ?

    this might be asked before, but i could not find the thread. If GC holder become US citizen and then give it up to get back to the citizenship of the original country, what will happen to legal status of this person ? Does s/he go back to GC automaticaly or lose all the legal status in the...
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    PERM & retrogression ?

    If this has been discussed already, please point me to it. As an effect of PERM, it is expected LC process gets faster, but does it make whole GC process much faster than before ? I know nobody knows answer, but what I'm thinking is people passes LC process very quick, and a lot of applicant...
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    Regaining H1 status a while after expiration.

    Guru, please shed light on it. If H1 visa got expired and person is still staying in the US(it's out of status, or it might be regarded as unlawful presence), is there any way to regain H1 status ?