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    I need you opinion about renewing COP passport and traveling to another country

    I'm an asylee with green card and my case was against parties my government was unable and unwilling to control . I would like to visit a country (not COP) to visit family members and have to renew my passport in order to do that , since getting an RTD is not an easy task with a wait time up...
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    what can be done about the situation with the Refugee Travel Document?

    as you all know the an asylee can't use a passport from COP as it's considered availing yourself to the protection of the country pf prosecution . the only option an asylee/refugee has for traveling abroad is using RTA refugee travel document which is only valid for one year ,not recognized by...
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    USCIS received my medical exam results after RFE request, how long would it take to get the green card ?

    applied for i485 on 5/1/2020 medicals requested on 10/27/2020 received by USCIS on NOV 5th +Nebraska office how long do you think it would take to get my GC?
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    apparently USCIS now don't require new fingerprints for Asylees i-485

    my i-485 application was updated to "As of July 17, 2020, fingerprints relating to your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number LIN2xxxx6, have been applied to your case. If you move, go to ....." so they applied my...
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    do i have to pay for RTD if i have a fee waiver for i-485?

    in the i-131 instructions it says that you do not have to pay a fee for i-131 application if you filed for i-485 and paid the fees . but what if i have a fee waiver for i-485? i
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    questions about i-485 application as an Ashlee

    hi i am about to apply for i-485 and have few questions there are are few questions that i did not know how to answer 1- Have you ever violated the terms and conditions of your nonImmigrant status? yes or no when i entered the US as b1/b2 visitor i was given 3 months to stay but applied...
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    current processing time for i-485 for asylees?

    hi the USCIS webiste says that the current processing times for i-485 is between 13-43 months . is that true for asylees? how long did it take you to get your green card? i thought it takes 3-6 months
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    asylum officer called to ask for a copy of i94 !

    the asylum officer called me directly and ask me to send her a copy of i 94 just 2 days before the decision day , do you guys think its a good thing?
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    requesting a document ,approval?

    i had an asylum interview , the asylum officer was not aggressive in questioning as i thought , she requested specific document to be sent in 4 days , and decision to be picked up in 2 weeks , is that a good sign based on you experiences?
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    do i need a second fingerprinting

    hi here is my timeline - 10/2013 applied for asylum - 12/2013 bio-metrics - 07/2014 first EAD issued - 09/2014 case transferred to another asylum office - 07/2015 second EAD issued my interview is in 12/2015 i have received anything about a second barometric appointment , do i need one?
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    work permit question

    hi , i have applied for asylum in oct 2012 , and did the fingerprint but not interview notice yet if i applied for work permit after the 180 days has passed and immediately moved to another state that's under another asylum office jurisdiction, can i still be able to receive the work...
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    changing address and EAD clock

    hi i applied for asylum in oct 2013 and i am moving in a month to another place in the same city . would changing the address stop the 180 days EAD clock ? what about moving to another state thats covered under another asylum office?
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    notice of receipt question

    my asylum application was received by the asylum office (Chicago) on Oct 28 , 17 days ago and still haven't received "notice of receipt" or biometrics appointment , is this normal ? should i be worried
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    question about fingerprint notice, interview notice

    hi , i am submitting my asylum application tomorrow , and i want to ask the time window between receiving the fingerprint notice and the interview notice by mail and the actual appointment , because i am worrying about missed the appointments
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    applying for asylum as an atheist ?

    hi , i am from a middle astern muslin country and currently in the United States on a b1/b2 visa which will be expired in a month from now (i-94), and planning to apply for asylum because of me being atheist/ apostate . and left my country because of threats of family members/relatives...