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    I am Green

    finally its my turn. got approval mail for myself and my wife. its long and painful journey of 7 yrs over....................... I am a old timer and it would give hope to all old timers. system works but its very very slow due to lot of issues. Forum helped lot and keep it up...
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    what is A preadjucation??

    I got a response that my I-485 is in preadjucation process since last year. what is this BS for old timer like me???? pl.shed some light!! Thank you dice12 EB3 - PD 01 485 RD DEC.04 485 AD???
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    Visa Numbers Unavailable.......

    guys this is very bad. I called USCIS Nebraska and they said visa numbers would get alloted quarterly and now there is no visa numbers available and you have to wait until April. I told her that my visa number is available from 1st March and how come you are saying she said that all gone. now...
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    called NSC Today and interesting info.....

    ALL CSC folks listen here. I called NSC and lady told me that your security checks are pending and I asked is there anything I can do then she told me for that we need your FP results then I told her you can schedule it for me then she told me that your receipt starts with WAC then your FP...
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    NSC Processing too slow

    All something needs to be done for NSC otherwise we will be again waiting for more years. dates are going to retrogress in 2-3 months and it would be again severe retrogress. so pl. get multiple ways to improve NSC processing such as contact different offices. so pl. start getting different...
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    File AP while I485 pending at california service center

    All, I want to file AP(I-131) and my I-485 is pending at california service center. I didn't see any PO BOX for I-131 applicant in California service center. So where I can file my AP(I-131) while my I485 pending at CSC? Pl. help me Thanks, dice12 I485 pending dec.04 EB3 PD JULY01
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    SKIL Bill - new hope for more visa numbers

    Dear All, finally 9 Republican House Representative introduced SKIL bill which will increase GC visa and H1 numbers and exempt spouse and kids for GC visa numbers. now chances for Imm. reform bills are less though Mid term Nov. election. Hope this SKIL bill will get approved by both...
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    LUD changed for all I-485 and EAD's

    my new attorney filed AC21 papers for me and after 10 days LUD's of myself and my wife and EAD's got changed and no LUD change for I-140 but I called for address change also for my I-485, I was hoping that LUD will change for my I-485 only. I am hoping due to AC21, Pl. shed some light if...
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    what about Legal Immigrants???

    Nobody is talking about us, legal immigrants who is contributing lot such as taxes, businesses, economy, communities ...... president is talking about converting illgeal immigrant to legal, nothing about legal immigrants..... thats total unfair...
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    AC21 help for future GC

    Hi Gurus, can I eligible for AC21?, if my I-140 got revoked by my GC sponsor, then can I get saved under AC21? my I-140 approved and I-485 pending for more than 180 days Pl. help me out. Thanks, dice12