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    Please post if no LUD on 2/3/08

    Lud Our pending I-485 LUDs changed to 02/03/2008. Our AP/EADs approved 12/22/2007. Thanks,
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    LUD on a pending I-485

    Same boat. Our pending I-485 LUDs changed to 02/03/2008. Our AP/EADs approved 12/22/2007. Thanks,
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    Travelling to India- AP or H1B

    Thanks Means better to use AP and come back to US right?? Just to make sure I understand it correctly.. Thanks, vllrp
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    Travelling to India- AP or H1B

    Same boat. Hello Friends, I am in the same boat as you guys. I am also planning to come back on AP. My H1b stamping expired 18 months back. I have new H1 till 2010 valid. But needs stamping. I really do not want to do all this paper work and go to Chennai consulate for stamping. I got...
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    INFOPASS IO more powerful than TSC IIO

    Same boat My situation same as you. Now I have new problem with my travel plan to India while AP/EAD renewal needed and H1 Stamping needed. I talked to TSC IO. One IO said case is with Officer. 2nd said waiting for VISA availability. Rgards, vllrp
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    EB3 PD May2003 Please advice me.

    Thank you all Talked to TSC IO today. She said. There is not VISA for my case. That gives me clarity to start renewal process ASAP. Working on it. Regards, vllrp
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    EB3 PD May2003 Please advice me.

    Thanks Thanks Barath.. Yeah thinking start renewing AP and EAD now. Wife starting to India early. I will stay back until AP approved. Question is: Once AP approved. Can she travel back on AP (which is approved when she is not in country) ?
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    EB3 PD May2003 Please advice me.

    Hi rdkraju, Congratulations on your approval. I did not get info on what date it was assigned to officer. But . I am thinking some time 2nd week october. on 13Oct they sent RFE. and 31st Oct they have received evidence. Nov 1st onwards I have seen 5 days LUD changes. recent one is...
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    EB3 PD May2003 Please advice me.

    Hi Thanks for the advice. I still have to apply for AP renewal.. it is expiring in Jan08. I have approved H1B. But I have to go to Stamping in India, at the moment is it advisable? Which one would be my best bet?
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    EB3 PD May2003 Please advice me.

    Hi, Here is my situation. ******************************** PD: 05/2003 EB3 INDIA 485 RD:12/30/2004 ND:01/14/2005 VSC-->TSC 03/07/07 FP2: 09/12/2007 (CODE1) .. received FP on 09/14. No LUDs NC is clear as per TSC IO 10/13/2007 RFE on E V L . LUD 11/01/07, 11/02/07, 11/12/07, 11/13/07...
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    RFE on Employment Verification Letter

    I missed many approval trains before. Now I got RFE on Employment Verification Letter. Does it mean they assigned visa number? Any hopes? Please see my signature and help me.
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    Processing time at Chicago Consulate

    Got my new passport today I have received my new passport today from chicago consulate. It took 3 1/2 weeks total. Thanks, vllrp
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    Processing time at Chicago Consulate

    Money Order Tracking When you took money order. There is small receipt from money order you detach. Back side to that there is 1-800 number. If you call. Automated service will ask you if you need status. You will have to enter money gram number from your receipt. between one of my...
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    Processing time at Chicago Consulate

    Same Did you hear anything back? Looking at your situation. I am afraid mine is long way to go. I have sent my PP on Sept 21st. My money gram not cashed yet. Thats how I am tracking. Thanks, Vllrp
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    How to call Texas Service Center directly?

    There use to be a sailer called POJ, he found following steps, you can try Dial 1 800 375 5283 then 1-2-2-6-1 enter SRC# then 1-3-4 you can talk with immigration officer directly
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    Talked to TSC IO 09/21

    Same old Story.. NC is cleared. FP2 is received and cleared. VISA number is not assigned. Wait till OCT. anybody in same boat? Thanks, Vllrp
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    EB3 Cases waiting for Visa Numbers

    Congratulations on your Approval .. Question Congratulations again hudakchullu When was the last call .. you were told that waiting for VISA? I just called TSC IO got the same answer .. Hoping that is standard answer and got some hope after seeing your approval. Thanks, Vllrp
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    Hudakchullu APPROVED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations Hudakchullu, Many congratulations. Enjoy the freedom.
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    I-485 Approved on 09/17/07

    Congratulations Many congratulations.
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    FP2 done No LUD yet

    Same Boat Talked to TSC IO today.. Confirmed that they have received new FPs.. No LUDs yet. See my signature.. Thanks