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    New salary under the I-140 portability(AC21)?

    Is there anyone who changed a job under the I-140 portability but your new job salary is lower than the original LC prevailing wage? Have you got the problems to get your I-485 approval?
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    Job change after the submission of the IMM0008

    I have changed my job with a new H-1B since submitted an application with the Buffalo Consulate. But the new job has no effects on counting years of experience because my previous job had already been more than 4 years. Should I notify the Buffalo Consulate about the change of the job prior to...
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    It is the time to amend the law!

    The discussion of 7th year H extension is concentrated in whether the 7th year H extension should be approved if one has LC pending more than 365 days only. Most of professionals may say no. The I-140 must be on file also. Don’t want to study the law. But apparently such a requirement (even law...