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    Surreal Experience

    I know this post is a month old but if you ever had a US passport, then you can ask DOS to do a record search and get another one. You can always do a FOIA of your immigration record, I believe it is free - they send you a copy of all documents you ever filed including proof of your...
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    Mandamus Lawsuit

    The government has 60 days to respond after being served with a summons. They can also file for a motion asking for more time. However it will get your case moving for sure. It doesn’t mean it will be approved. Mandamus is much more risky at asylum stage than if filed for green card or...
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    Helping crossing the border for political asylum

    This is called aiding and abetting an illegal immigrant. It is a crime and you can be charged with felony. I would not recommend doing this.
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    Mandamus Lawsuit

    3-5k is a general charge for federal lawsuits. If you can’t afford it look for a pro bono immigration attorney.
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    Fingerprinting and cut on the finger

    People have cuts and injuries. This is common and should be in no way a disqualifier. It’s the last thing you need to worry about
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    Will send you a written decision…

    Think of it from officers perspective. You don’t remember the date of your separation. Your GC was based on marriage to US citizen. The officer needs to confirm that you met the conditions of your GC, that you were actually living together when you removed the conditions. They do this anytime...
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    Naturalization Denied twice

    Possession of marijuana even if legal at state level can be held against the applicant for establishing GMC for naturalization.
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    Seeking help with I-485 checklist

    This is really a simple application for Asylees compared to other adjustments (marriage, employment etc). A recall sending a thin A4 sized envelope with a few papers. I didn’t ask for fee waiver and didn’t have a birth certificate or passport
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    Citizenship Interview - Travel to COP

    There is really no SOP for the adjudicators. They have a lot of leeway for which questions to ask. Some don’t care and some do. It also depends on their mood on that day. It’s unfortunate but true for all immigration applications.
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    How to survive during asylum process : Accommodation, income etc.

    Man. It takes a few years these days from the timelines I see. Please plan for it and prepare, be patient. Otherwise you will be disappointed or stuck.
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    Question regarding Citizenship Status of Child Born Abroad

    I agree with @newacct. Since you are naturalized you can easily prove physical presence. Apply for CRBA with your naturalization certificate, passport and the childrens birth certificate issued abroad. After you get the CRBA apply for their us passport. The earlier you do this, the better it is...
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    NOID response

    Suing USCIS for discrimination for rejecting asylum won’t do anything. The case will be dismissed asap. Thousands of people get rejected, don’t you think they may have filed lawsuits for discrimination? Do you have better luck filing a rebuttal or trying your luck for immigration judge.
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    Name change during Naturalization (N400) procedures

    Not sure about Indian process but there is an option to change the name on N400. You need to fill it out. You will most likely have a court ceremony and your naturalization certificate will reflect your new name. You use it to change names on SSN, bank accounts, drivers licenses etc.
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    N400 2019-2020 Asylee Tracker

    Not recommended on asylee status. However there is an argument that once you are on GC, you are no longer an asylee so visiting COP for short trips can be okay depending on your risk appetite. Be ready with answers if questioned by CBP or during Nat interview.
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    USCIS was able to close my lawsuit with a "Motion to remand", then denied my naturalization application

    this isn’t true either. Many lawyers routinely file lawsuits and win. It’s very common in this country to sue federal agencies. In fact when there is a judge overseeing your case and a us attorney involved who has to respond in court, they are unlikely to apply random discretion and will follow...
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    USCIS was able to close my lawsuit with a "Motion to remand", then denied my naturalization application

    OP - I think you may have misinterpreted the purpose of the lawsuit. You may want to read up on 8 USC 1447(b) under which you filed the lawsuit. There is nothing in the section that forces USCIS or the judge to approve your application, it is merely to get a decision on your application if it is...
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    US attorney never responded to my lawsuit against USCIS. What are my next steps?

    Answer: I have no intention to ghost. No I didn’t have to file for a default judgment in my 1447b case as the US attorney responded to my case on time and I had a hearing before him and the judge where I was able to force him to compromise on some aspects. I have been a part of other lawsuits...
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    US attorney never responded to my lawsuit against USCIS. What are my next steps?

    @RetroPoint i understood your point and I stated and linked to Federal rule 55 which you obviously didn’t read. Read section b(1) and b(2) and then section d. and you shall clearly know that the clerk can only enter judgement for a sum certain amount. You are not suing for money but asking the...
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    US attorney never responded to my lawsuit against USCIS. What are my next steps?

    Default judgment is entered under Federal rule 55 (d). It is unlikely that the judge will enter a default judgement for you against the government and Grant you citizenship outright, but the motion would help set your case in process. Since your...
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    Registered to vote yes or no

    If I recall correctly there are 2 parts to the question - have you ever registered to vote or voted? The answer in your case would be yes along with the explanation. Lying is not recommended as they can deny you for lack of good moral character. If you think the case may be challenging, consult...