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    Some INFO please

    Hi i was a DV14 selectee with high cn and want to know if i would get refused if i would try a work and travel student visa?
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    The plan B

    I got 90 % of my documents prepared for DV but CN high so with those documents i want to try another type of visa that allows me to work or study in the US ,what is the best and easiest type of visa to get. 21 years old student ,got affidative of support, can get a work contract too from USA...
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    September VB - DV14 Last Chapter

    Hope for the Happy Ending. No one can predict this one!!
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    Plan B ?!

    Hi I got all my documents prepared but my CN is 2014EU43XXX and I dont know if im getting current or not . If I dont get current I want to try another type of VISA which could get me in the US the easiest way. My Question is what kind of visa should I try? Im a student 3rd year and got no work...