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    GC filers with Oct 01 Receipt Dates

    Please share if you have any updates. Thank you.
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    Did anyone call IIO today (1/24/03)??

    If so, please post details. Thank you!!
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    Green Card denied due to death of a spouse

    My friend’s marriage based green card petition was denied based on death of the spouse…please post any suggestions. Thank you
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    Did anyone speak to an IIO today (10/11)?

    Did anyone speak to an IIO today(10/11)?
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    Did anyone call an IIO today (8/12)??

    If so, what date are they currently processing? Thank you!!
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    Question regarding job change after 180 days!!

    I may lose my job shortly. But my employer is wiling to waiting for 180 days to be completed before letting me go. Questions: 1.Do I need to find another employer with similar job description within the same state? 2.What paper work is required in terms of letting INS know regarding my...