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    Dependants' Soft LUD on Sunday

    Gurus, I've seen soft updates on the cases of my wife and child. My case didn't have any change. Also, for them there is no change in the content. The updated date shows 1/3/2010, which is a Sunday. How would this happen? Might there be any mass update of cases as it happened a couple of years...
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    485 Conversion to Consular Processing

    Hello Gurus, Need your suggestion. My EB2 PD is Oct 2002. Despite many trials to move the case, it is still cold. I'm thinking of converting the 485 to Consular Processing. Do you know whether someone has done before? (I'm sure many would have). Basically I know that one can't continue on EAD...
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    October FY 2010 EB2 Approvals

    Hi All, Haven't seen any postings on approvals after the new FY2010 quota started. Any movement in EB2 cases? Let us track the progress here. Wishing good luck to all.
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    Canada PR - US GC Consular Processing

    Hello Gurus, I need advise on my case. I'm Indian citizen, have been working on H1 in US since 2000. Applied for my LCA in Oct, 2002 (EB2). Applied 140 an 485 in Aug, 2004. 140 approved in Apr 2005. Since then I've been waiting for my GC with 5 renewals of EAD and AP. Applied Canadian PR in...
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    FP Notice for wife and Child

    Hi All, I have been waiting for the final approval of my 485 for a long time. In Feb 2009 we gave all of our finger prints and revised medicals (RFE). Since then there has been no movement. When i call the I/O or take an InfoPass appointment, all they say is everything is clean on my case, just...
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    Need suggestion - No update after VSC - TSC

    Hi All, I have been silently following this forum for a long time and consoling myself that I'm not the only one suffering. :) But now I have an issue and need your suggestion. My I-485 was applied in VSC during Aug 2004 (EB2 India with PD Oct 2002). Subsequently got 140 approved in Feb...