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    EB3 PD May2003 Please advice me.

    Hi, Here is my situation. ******************************** PD: 05/2003 EB3 INDIA 485 RD:12/30/2004 ND:01/14/2005 VSC-->TSC 03/07/07 FP2: 09/12/2007 (CODE1) .. received FP on 09/14. No LUDs NC is clear as per TSC IO 10/13/2007 RFE on E V L . LUD 11/01/07, 11/02/07, 11/12/07, 11/13/07...
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    RFE on Employment Verification Letter

    I missed many approval trains before. Now I got RFE on Employment Verification Letter. Does it mean they assigned visa number? Any hopes? Please see my signature and help me.
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    Talked to TSC IO 09/21

    Same old Story.. NC is cleared. FP2 is received and cleared. VISA number is not assigned. Wait till OCT. anybody in same boat? Thanks, Vllrp
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    Anybody received 2nd FP notice after talking to TSC IO?

    I spoke to 5-6 IO's so far. All confirmed my 2nd FP is due. Three IOs so far said, they are issuing FP notice to me. I see some LUDs on same day. First IO I spoke is on 08/06. I did not receive any FP notice yet. Still waiting. Today I spoke to TSC IO again. She again issued another...