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    Unique situation - need clarity

    I am currently residing in India and have got an opportunity to apply for a I-140 through a pre-approved EB2 labor application (CSC) based on future employment terms. However I am confused as to what I should do subsequent to the 140 approval. Can I file for I-485 residing in India or should...
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    I-140/I-485 denied - help

    Hello Friends! My I-140 app. was denied last week. Since this was a concurrent filing my 485/EAD/AP were denied as well. I had received an RFE on employer's ability to pay and the attorney had responded with the required info. However the app. was denied stating that the employer's financials...
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    CSC Inquiry and LUD Change

    I would like to find out if any of you had gone through the same scenario that I did. After being denied an Interim EAD (coz the hold on my EAD and AP were not removed after 140 RFE response was received - check my other thread) I sent a fax inquiry last month. Since I did not get any...