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    Out of Status Entreprenuer

    I'm currently 'PR Pending' and was told I could adjust to EB5 with 285i eligibility. Someone correct me but I don't think it's possible without it.
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    I-130 and Priority Dates

    UNmarried! And staying unmarried for the sole purpose of staying in 1st priority. But what good is it if the Visa for 1st priority petition will take longer than the 4th based on their filing dates?
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    I-130 and Priority Dates

    Turns out I am 245(i) eligible due to an I-140 that was filed by my father's business in 1988 but then later denied. That takes care of the overstay since I never left the US. The I-130 with PD of 2003 has just been approved. Can I use the PD of the I-140 with the approved I-130 petition? Or...
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    I-130 and Priority Dates

    Does anyone have any recent experience with using an old priority date for a new petition? Here's the 411... My sister filed an I-130 for me and I have a priority date of July 26, 2003. My mom just got her citizenship and we are filing another I-130 so that I bump up from 4th preference to...
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    Premium Processing for I-130

    Does anyone have more specifics on when USCIC will consider Premium Processing on I-130's? What kind of error will they consider? here's my situation.... I came in 1985 at the age 9 and my dad had an L-1. When it came time to apply for a GreenCard, the application was denied because the...