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    2012 October N-400 Tracker

    The processing time seems to be much faster now, I thought it usually takes about 5 - 6 months or so, especially in California.
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    Los Angeles, CA - N-400 Timeline

    thomasjohndizon, any update? I am going to apply my citizenship soon, so just want to see everybody's case go smoothly.
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    For those whose interview was successful...What visa is in your passport?

    If I remember correctly, fingerprint was done after your had a successful interview at the embassy.
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    misspelled name in the welcome letter

    What I meant was what do you use (first name spell) when you submitted your application? Do you use XXXX YYYY or XXXXYYYY? Or, do you still use XXXX-YYYY and explain it when people ask you?
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    misspelled name in the welcome letter

    Just wondering~. So, how you guys spell your first name then?
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    misspelled name in the welcome letter

    In fact, I always have problem with my name on US document. I am from Taiwan, most of Taiwanese's name contains two words for the first name and one word for the last name. On my passport, there is a hyphen ( - ) in between those two words of my first name (so my first name should be...
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    misspelled name in the welcome letter

    I had same situation and it took me 6 months to receive the correct card as you can see from my signature. I called customer service and they said exactly the same thing that the card was mailed already. Sure enough, I received next day after i called. As far as I can tell, by the time you...
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    Can h4 comeback from home country before h1b after renewed?

    My brother and my sis-in-law went back to home country to apply new h visa. They got approved, but now my sis-in-law wants to come back first before my brother. Can h4 come back from home country before h1b after renewed?
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    DV 2008 CP question--SS#

    In my case, I was asked at POE (LAX) whether I need the new SS card, so I requested it at that time. Later, I did receive the SS card (unfortunately, my name was spell wrong, so I still had to go to SS office to correct it).
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    Couls someone answer me please?

    Just make sure you use the same format from now and make sure you mention this situation to the immigration officer who interview you. Good luck.
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    I am now a legal permant resident of the United States.

    Congratulations Alex and wish you all the best in the states.
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    I-90(d) - please share your timeline of receiving corrected green card..thanks!

    As ginnu said, if you are planning to travel, you need to have your passport stamped before you leave. Based on my friend's experience, she had her trip planned and ticket purchased, so she was able to make an infopass and had her passport stamped. I was thinking maybe you can book your...
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    I-90(d) - please share your timeline of receiving corrected green card..thanks!

    - Filed I-90 (d) in Nov. 2007 - USCIS claimed they received my incorrect green card in Jan. 24, 2008 even though I have certified mail receipt indicate "someone" in USCIS signed the package on Nov 20th, 2007. Funny thing is that I registered my case online to track my status on Jan. 24, 2008...
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    Still waiting for the physical green card

    As you can see from my signature. They claim they received my incorrect GC in Jan. 24th, even though my certified mail receipt was sign by them in Nov. last year. The IO lady told me during my first infopass to wait at least three months before file complain. Now, after three month, I still...
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    Is I-551 a full-fledged GC?

    So~ does this mean the stamp I received upon entry is still valid to prove my residency status at this moment even if I have already received plastic GC and return it to fix the administrative error. As long as it still within "one year period" from the date I entered US. While the stamp on the...
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    Is I-551 a full-fledged GC?

    I totally agree with you. My concern is "the temporary GC is valid for one year from the day you enter the US", is this only apply to people just entered US and waiting for their GC? So, in their case, they have up to one year to receive their GC. Since I did receive my GC (even though I...
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    Which line?

    My POE was LAX and there was a separate line for first time immigrant which was at the first line. My suggestion is that you should ask for assistant, there should be IO over there to guide people which line they should go.
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    Is I-551 a full-fledged GC?

    What do you mean by "open an inquiry"? If you meant "make a infopass apointment", I did. I had an infopass early this month, the IO lady was not very helpful at all. I explained my situation to her and wanted to show her that I have the certified mail receipt indicates they signed my I-90...
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    Is I-551 a full-fledged GC?

    I filed I-90 (d) last Nov. and currently still waiting for it. I was wondering if I can still use the I-551 stamp (stamp, not the visa sticker) to travel, since it says valid for one year and I entered US last Oct.