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    Immigration Voice needs funds urgently

    Dear friends, As many of you are well aware, it has been about 50 days since IV was started. Since then, we have come a long way in setting up a platform to voice our concerns. We also established an able alliance with QGA to have a powerful channel for our voices to be heard on the hill...
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    S. 1932 Status

    So far: 9:28 AM ET Bill Frist (R) - positive Kent Conrad (D) - negative
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    Called Congressmen/Senator's offices

    Guys, I've been busy on the phone the past week and half. Even the secy at the congressman's office recognized me this time!!!! I just talked with congressman Tom Price (GA-R) office and the immigration lead talked with me for over 30 minutes. I explained him all the problems (I never...
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    Processing Date - VSC

    Has anyone noticed? Processing dates on 485 cases with VSC has been stuck on Aug-19 from the past 3-4 updates. Any clue what's going on? May not make much of a difference for EB3 (till oct-1), but for other categories it seems like a nightmare. Thoughts?
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    LUDs after EAD approval

    Guys, I got my EAD2 approved yesterday, and there was an LUD on that case, another LUD today saying card ordered. Interestingly, there was alsoan LUD on my 485 case yesterday. Does the CIS also update something on the 485 based on a EAD approval? Can anyone shed some light on what that LUD...
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    VSC Updates??

    On the aila website, they've posted the latest processing dates from TSC and NSC. what about VSC? Anyone?
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    Retrogression Question

    Hey Guys, What's this retrogression thingy for EB3? I see a visa date of something like April 2002. Does it mean that NO 485s will be approved for EB3s for the next 3 years?(assuming it will take 3 years for the backlog). If the 485 was already filed, and the priority dates are BEFORE...
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    H4 processing

    Hello, I am visiting India in Aug and chances are, I might get married. Question is, how long does it take to get an H4, say at the chennai centre?Since my vacation is only for 15 days, do I need to be there when my spouse goes to the consulate. Please advise. Any best...
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    state labor vs Federal labor

    Hello, Can anyone explain to me the diff between state labor and federal labor? I have my labor filed with GA state. should I be concerned about the dates just with GA or federal also.