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    Question to the immigrant applicant in oversea (Question about form DS-230 Part 2)

    Hi, ocworker! In view of your question particularly on 33a and 33b concerning SSN or the concent to disclosure. you better answer it "YES" for 33a and 33b otherwise, if your answer "NO" the consequences is that the release of your SSN will be delayed. That is what happened to my spouse...
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    Driving License for H4 Visa holders in Illinois

    Hi, i am just new in this forum. please give some inputs regarding international driver's license if acceptable in IL. can you give some tips on how we can easily pass the test either on behind the wheels or in theoritical exams. i am new immigrant & will be going to IL this coming January next...
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    About my wife's SSN in the US

    Hi ! am newbie in this forum and I have a question regarding my wife's SSN. This is the whole scenario, during our consular interview done in Manila, the pre-interviewer before doing the final interview by the consul , adviced my wife to fill up the DS-230 (Part2). On page 33, there is an...