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    timing--Petitioning for Parents while in US

    If I petition(I-130 & I-485 at the same time) for my parents while they are in US as a visitor (B2 Visa), will this make processing time any faster than filing while they are outside US ?
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    Interview reschedule

    Have patience ! If you don't hear from them for another few weeks then mail them a letter asking for application status, including your contact number. They are swamped with a lot of applications. We have to understand!
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    Traveling Outside the US As Asylee applicant ,Asylee,LPR through Asylum

    you may!... but if I were you I would rather get Travel Doc before leaving US. Remember despite the fact you hold GC you are still bounded by Asylee - terms & conditions, until you become a citizen.
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    Traveling Outside the US As Asylee applicant ,Asylee,LPR through Asylum

    You should be fine! but make sure you save your proof of stay in India.... unlikely ...but questions can be raised(during naturalization interview) if you travel to country near by COP especially with open border.
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    I am no Terrorist, any advice?

    did they schedule you for finger print lately ? if so how many times did you got fingerprinted (except the first one after filing i-485) ?
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    How is H1B status affected when filing for Asylum?

    are you back? or is this account hacked or moderator echoed the past comment ?!
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    Please help

    Please tell me the withdrawal process and what consequences hast it on my status now? smells rat! .....u filed because u thought u can't return to ur COP, now withdraw??
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    Just don't show up for court?

    no show up! ....deportation procedure starts.
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    Help with Filing Form I-131

    Asylum is not a process to stay in US just because you don't find other option, unless you are a victim
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    U.S immigration fingerprints and photo

    Since she recently got married and adopted her husband name , she though that maybe with this new name , she could start fresh??...Or will she dig a deeper hole for herself. Note: If her asylum application was denied because of fraud (8 years ago as u said), then she might not get the...
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    Fee Waiver for GC rejected

    If you are present in united states for 1 year, you surely have lived somewhere. Get a letter frm landlord or whoever you lived with. This one page doc. is more than enough to prove your 1 year stay.
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    What happened to this forum??

    Is this forum still active for new / junior people who are in the early stage of asylum and green card path? I've noticed, most of the new members don't do their homework, most of the questions asked has been previously answered and stored in the forum database. Before I post a question I dig...
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    I am no Terrorist, any advice?

    You may make an infopass, that'll not hurt. I m not giving any philosophical suggestion (it won't help anyways). Its not just you there are many people who r suffering, even after asylum approval. Sometime they just print the format they've got and post it, when you ask about your case...
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    I-131 Fee waiver after I-485?

    no. you would have qualified for free i-131 if your i-485 was pending.
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    Fix the Material Support Bar

    I'll try to create facebook group. "Victims of Material Support Bar". OK this is the group name in facebook. Let's get started. Anyone willing to be an admin? I can handover the credentials.
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    i need advise please

    Withholding of removal means you can stay and work in US but have no privilege to re-enter, as you already know. US govt wanted to remove you but the court stopped them, they might not let you in once you leave US, even in case u got advance parole.
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    I am no Terrorist, any advice?

    There isn't a negative aspect of filing for FOIA, is there? Reply With Quote If I were you, I would initiate my dad to file FOIA, but not worry much about myself at least for now. I am on hold too, but my wife's 730 has been approved. I am going to file (i-485 in few months) for my wife anyway...
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    I am no Terrorist, any advice?

    What should I write on "Information Needed to Search for Record(s)"? Why do you need to file? file your i-485 when time is right instead. Why die with the assumption of being hold when your case has not even been started?
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    I-730 filing question for a adopted kid

    Unless he shows the kid was in his legal custody for at least 2 years they will not approve his I-730.