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    "public assistance " in I485

    Hello everyone, 1.if one was on unemployment for 3 months does it mean YES for the question about public assistance in Part3 of I485 ?does it require to add an explanation on a separate piece of paper? 2. What means for derivative asylee "filing concurrently with principal"asylee ?in the...
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    Questions about I 485

    Hello everyone! I'm confused with the part of I485 about 1 year of the presence in the US after granting asylum: if I was out of country for 20 days after getting my asylum, do I need to file I 485 at least 20 days later than exact 1 year period?Do I need to add copies of my RTD or any letter...
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    re-enter the USA with RTD and NP(no GC)

    Hello everyone, Last week I re-entred the USA with RTD and NP after short 20days trip to visit my sister (not in COP).I have no GC yet(asylum status granted in March). In JFK I was send to secondary inspection which started with the oficer stated (not asked!) that I went in COP. I told him...
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    chance to shorten time to file i485 after asylum granted

    Hi everyone After asylum is granted one need to wait 1 year to file i485.Is there any chance to shorten this time?(the case was pending for 3 years) I know that I can travel now with RTD and travel time will cause delays for filing i485.Will these delays affect the status of the dependant...