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    How to Withdraw from a B2 extension I-539 application

    Hi Experts, Could you please direct me to the procedure to withdraw from a B2 extension I-539 application. My parents-in-law had applied for a 1.5 month extension of stay in the US after expiry of their current I-94. Since, they did not get any response from USCIS, they did the right thing and...
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    I-140+Premium Processing

    Dear Experts, My I-140 @ premium processing was submitted by my company lawyers on Sep 4, 2015. Since Sep 7 was a public holiday (Labor Day), it should have ideally reached the USCIS TSC by Sep 9. Since Premium processing provides a 15 calendar day processing guarantee, should I expect a reply...
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    EB2 Eligibility, Accountant/Financial Analyst Masters degree

    Hi, I’m a Canadian citizen based in Atlanta, GA. I work as a Senior Financial Analyst under TN status, “ACCOUNTANT” professional category. I have a US Masters Science degree in Finance. I have a Bachelors’ degree in Accounting & Finance from NZ. I also have 10 years professional working...
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    TN/TD + Online freelance consulting (W2 or 1099?)

    Hi, I am a Canadian citizen. I work full-time in the US under the TN status. My wife is on TD visa. We were exploring some opportunities of online consulting available on Elance. My understanding is we can have only one W2 income from one company under one TN status. If we want to...
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    Paystubs, W2's and Tax returns for I-485

    Hi, I will be highly grateful if you could please help me with the following Immigration related question. For the I-485 stage of the Green Card, 1)Are we be required to provide paystubs, W2's and tax returns since the first time we came to the US on a work visa. Or, 2)would there be...
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    paystubs, W2's+tax returns for GC (Labor,I-140,I-485)

    Hi, I will be highly grateful if you could please help me with the following Immigration related question. For any of the three stages (Labor, I-140 and I-485) of the Green Card, 1)Are we be required to provide paystubs, W2's and tax returns since the first time we came to the US on a...
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    Two I-129 Applications

    Hi, Please see the following scenario: If one, being a Canadian citizen, is on current active TN status with expiry on 08/15/2013. Her company also already applied for TN status extension I-129 application via mail in standard processing on 06/01/2013 (same day of receipt notice). It is...
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    TN + Employer Name/Address Change

    Hi, A company files a H1B renewal petition with the USCIS. While the petition is still being processed buy USCIS, the company changes it's name and registered address. I believe (could be wrong) that the company is required to inform the USCIS about the company name and address change...
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    TN/TD visa renewal docs

    Hi, I’m a Canadian citizen and my wife an Indian citizen. I am currently preparing for my TN and my wife’s TD renewal application (both expire on 08/08/2013) with the same company via normal processing. I have collated the following documents for each visa: TN: 1)signed I-129...
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    Part Time work on TD

    Hi, My wife is an Indian citizen on a TD visa valid for 3 years. I know that TD is a dependent visa and she cannot take up full time employment under this category. However, can she take up part time work/consulting on maybe a 1099 basis? My understanding is when you are on an employment...
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    Tn + i-94

    Hi, I have been on TN status since Jan 2007. In Aug 2010, I obtained a TN by mail for a new job until Aug 2013 (I-797A notice along with I-94). In Sept 2010, I went to India through Europe. While leaving US, I gave my latest white I-94 card at the gate. I got my married in India, my wife...
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    TN + I-94 Question

    Hi, I will be grateful if anyone can answer my following questions: 1) If a Canadian citizen working on valid TN status in US visits India for a 3 week vacation, does he/she have to get a consular visa stamped on his/her Canadian passport similar to H1B visa stamped by US Consulate in...
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    TN RECEIPT notice + starting employment

    Hi, After putting in a TN application by mail for change of employer, 1) can I start working in the new company as soon as I receive the Receipt number (on back of the fee check stubs) or 2) or, getting the online email alert saying "approved" is enough. 3) or, do I have to wait for the...
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    Tn + f1

    Hi, Can you anyone please advise whether it is possible to obtain a F1 student visa status in addition to an existing TN status in order to: 1)work full time on a TN 2)study part time for a Masters degree under a F1 the study is related to the profession. Thanks,
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    I-797 notice without I-94 No

    The last time I entered the US was in March 2008 and I obtained a I-94 valid until March 2009. I extended my TN in March 2009 through mail by filing I-129. The I-797A approval notice I received in March 2009 had an I-94 portion but without an I-94 number. When I travel out of the US, how...
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    Oci & u-visa for new renewed passport

    Hi, I am a Canadian Citizen between 20 and 50 years old. I renewed my Canadian passport recently. The U VISA is still in the old passport. I would still like to get a new U VISA and OCI certificate to be on the safe side. I live in Atlanta Georgia, US. I understand that I have to apply...
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    I-94 + travelling

    Hi, Please consider the following facts: If a person has a I-94 that expired in March 2009. In Feb 2009, he/she successfully extended his TN status by mail with an expiry of March 2012. He/she is going outside the US for a month in Sept 2010. When he/she leaves the US, he surrenders the...
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    TD vs H4 Requirements in US Consulate, Chennai, India

    Hi, I'm a Canadian citizen with a TN status until in March 2012. My fiance is an Indian citizen. After the wedding in Sept 2010 in India, we plan for her to get her TD visa stamped on Indian Passport in US Consulate, Chennai. I looked at the Chennai Consulate website and got the following...
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    TD Visa for Indian Citizen

    Hi, Can an Indian citizen, being a spouse of a Canadian citizen obtain TD visa from US Consulate in Canada while on a visit to Canada? Thanks,
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    Travelling to Canda while on TN

    Hi, For a Canadian citizen who has a TN status/I-94 valid until 2013 and wants to travel to Canada on a visit in 2011, 1)Does he/she have to surrender the existing I-94 while leaving the US to Canada and obtain a new I-94 while coming back to the US 2)Does his/her Canadian passport get...