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    PSA - Asylees and other immigrations and the current situation

    Disclaimer: This is not a political post for/against any ideology. I am posting this as a PSA because I heard today that someone I know who is an asylee with pending GC got charged with incitement and destruction of property along with his friend who is a daca recipient. I am sure most (if not...
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    Asylee naturalization - need help or guidance

    Hi guys, Last year, I applied for naturalization after 4 years of GC (backdated by 1 year). Finally I had my interview a couple of weeks ago which didn’t seem to go well. I have a clean record, no COP travel, no passport renewal (used only RP/RTD), no false citizenship claim, paid taxes etc...
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    Travel to Philippines with a Re-entry permit

    I posted this in the visa information thread but I’m worried it may be lost in the long multiple page thread. So posting again. I need to fly to Philippines for a trip. I have my Re entry permit and GC. My home country doesn’t need a visa for Philippines - so would I be needing one on the RP...
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    Travel and "extreme vetting"

    Hi guys, I have upcoming work related travel to Germany (not COP obviously ) coming up in a month. I have an asylum based GC and still some time before I am eligible for citizenship. I have travelled a few times before and never faced any problems. However, with the new extreme vetting...
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    Asylee (not LPR) travel experiences

    Hi, I am a new asylee who is planning in traveling to UK before my GC. I have applied for RTD and expect it soon. My question is what should I expect when I'm coming back in? Do I have to carry anything apart from my RTD like the grant letter from IJ or old NP? Also are asylees usually taken...
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    Question about Birth certificate for asylum based green card

    Hi folks, My asylum was granted by the IJ 5 months ago and now I'm prepping up for my GC. I thought its better to get a head start in advance than rush when the time come. I read that a birth certificate is required with I-485. But is that also the case for asylees? My family had to run away...