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    What should I do?

    I got my I-485 approved 5/20 and card ordered 7/09. But I have moved new address. I changed the address to post office for mail forwarding later knowing that post office don't forward federal mail. Then I changed the address with UCIS but haven't got card yet. Where should I request the new card...
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    passport stampted. What next?

    Last friday, I have stamped my passport. My question is what I have to give to my employer. I have my own lawyer for this GC and my employer is unaware about recent approval. I am also planning to quit my current job soon. should I give the copy of the approval or GC stamping page or just...
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    Whoever received Physical green card, Please respond.

    I have a question. I am moving out from my current apartment in mid June. In the meantime, tommorow I will go Fderal plza, NY for passport stamping. Can I request them to send my physical green card in new address? Is there anyone had the similar situation? Please response. If I can request...
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    Guys/ Gals: I am free like bird. April RD approval

    RD: April 29, 02 RFE issued: 04/20/04 RFE received: 05/03/04 I-485 approved: 05/20/04 I was in vacation in Disney and on the way back, I checked the status during driving north carolina side I-95 and found the good news. I stopped my car in the road side and chear up with a ciggerette...
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    Got medical RFE

    Stupid doctor didn't fill all the place in the main form and the supplemental form. I just did some lab test. It will take atleast a week to get all the result and straight up the issue. What a nightmare. I was expecting employment letter, w-2 etc and collected all the paper so that I can...
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    Congressman response

    I got the response from congressman office that I will be getting a RFE soon. Now I haven't seen any change on my status, not even my 2nd FP update. Did anyone receive RFE after hearing from the congressman or senator's office? How long after they issued it?
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    Did any one ever heard this before?

    Man, bad luck is always with me. I received a RFE letter from VSC for my EAD renewal (iEAD) to take the biomatrics fingerprint in Application support center which I took a month before. They said I didn't take that biomatrics. I just call the customer service center and a lazy a$$ lady...
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    Is anyone here form Hewlet pacakrd(HP) Puertorico branch?

    Please repnsoe. I have few question.
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    Can you beleive this sh***t

    I contacted local congressman office. I sent an email, faxed documents and by mail too after they requested me. I sent those things about a month before and contacted twice last two weeks for any outcome. This office clark lady such a a$$.... everytime she complains about the backlog of her...
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    This site becoming stupid question discussion forum.

    Pepole ask so many stupid question now days. it's unbelivable. it used to be a wonderfull informatic site. some example: 1) Do you think BCIS finish sept/ oct/ nov/ dec 2001 cases?: How the hell we know about that? Are we INS officer? Go.. figure it out.. 2) How long do you think my...
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    What's the explanation?

    I am an April 02 RD. I did early 2nd FP at Jan, 20 with my wife. Last friday my wife status changed to FP recieved on Jan 29, 04 and mine shows same old bullshitt message. What that means?
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    April RD approval. Not mine.

    EAC0217853425 Approved 2/18. MY EAC is very close but no news yet. May be my first name Mohammed.
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    Not much approval lately.

    Usually, BCIS approve cases in the middle of the month mostly(that's my ovservation). The highest peak come around 17th of the month. Not this month though. Any thought?
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    Local congressman issue:

    I just faxed a letter and call my local congressman office for an enquiry of my case. The secretary told me she will contact tomorrow with the INS and will let me know the outcome by mail. Do you guys know what kind of help they can provide? Does it work? I am April 02 RD and finished...
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    Message for BirarwoodNY

    I live the same neighborhood. Please email me at
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    Lost EAD: Need advice

    I lost my EAD card. How can I get a copy of that? Anyone has similar experiences or knowledge. Please advice. Recently i got a new job where I have to show the EAD card.
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    Lost EAD: Need advice

    I lost my EAD. What can i do to get a new copy? Anyone has any experience on that? Please advice.
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    Any pharmacist candidate here?

    hello, I-485 ers. Anyone here professionally working as a pharmacist.
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    Immigration Guru: help me.

    I am on H-1b now. But I also have EAD from 5/2002. But I didnt give any copy of EAD to my employer. So it looks like I am working on H-1b rather then EAD. Right now I am in 4.5 years of H-1b. If I submit my EAD now, will I be able to save H-1b time from 5/2002?
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    2nd FP question. Pls response

    All the 2nd FP guys: When you received your 2nd FP in your mailbox, Is your online status change that 2nd FP issued to you? or it remains same bulshitt like " On June, 5 2002 we ...."