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    Green Card and Bankruptcy

    I got the green card eight months ago, but I lost the job two months ago. My financial situation is getting worse and I'm trying to get job. If I file bankrupcy, what happen? Is there any disadvantage in status in USA. This is urgency to me. Can you answer for it if anyone has some information...
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    Please Answer:Question about Stamp in LA or Santa Ana?

    My address is around LA office for passport stamp. Can I go Santa Ana Office instead of LA for passort stamp? Do our families need each Infopass appointments or only one? Pleas help us!
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    It is Approved!!!

    Thank God and people! Our cases were approved on Jan 7, 2005, but I got e-mail notification and update on Jan 10, 2005. It took only 3 days after the RFE was received on Jan 4, 2005. There were many LUDs after the RFE was issued. I think they were ready to aprove the cases as soon as they...
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    Mass Update 12/22 or 12/24 for I485

    Let us share information about a kind of mass update on 12/22 or 12/24. My wife, son and mine LUD have changed on 12/22 and 12/24. Refer to the signature located below.
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    What is "we responded to your request"?

    I got the email notification for wife, son and me. The LUDs has changed on Dec 21, and the message has also changed, showing "On Dec 21, 2004 we responded to your request for more information...." I really don't understand it. I got the REF iussed on Dec 1, and I have prepared it. Long time...
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    Pls anwer:how long takes for adjudication after the RFE was received?

    If anyone knows about it pls share information
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    The Content of the RFE for I485

    I got the copy of the RFEs for my wife and me. For wife Medical exam (When she got the medical exam she was pregnant.) For me 1. EVL 2. W2 3. Paystub for three months 4. Tax eport for the recent two years 5. Showing something for financial ability of company (Maybe bank statement or...
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    Help! Paystub for the RFE, but has no paystub!!

    If anybody knows about paystub for the RFE, please anwer. I asked to get the paystub for three months, but they have no paystub like the list of payment. Instead they gave me the checks for my salary, which came back from the bank. They also gave me W2. Are they enough for the RFE?
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    How long takes to receive the RFE!!

    The RFE was mailed out on Dec 1, but the attorney and I have not received yet. We live in the surrounding area of CSC, so it should be received within 2 days. It's so weird. Anyone has experience about RFE? Can you share your experience? My the 2nd EAD and AP will be expired soon, so I...
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    Please Answer! The RFE to Attorney or Me?

    The RFE was sent on Dec 1, 2004. I live in the surrounding area of CSC. It may be delivered less 2 days. Is the RFE mailed to my attorney or me? The FP notice was malied to both my attorney and me.
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    RFE was issued, but LUD has changed again

    I got the email notification on Dec 1, 2004, showing the RFE was mailed out. But the LUDs have changed on Nov 29, 30, Dec 1, 2 and 3. What's is going on? Too many LUDs...
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    Never Got E-Mail Notification for LUD or Online Message!!

    I've never received any email notification for LUD or message change since I set up Portfolio long time ago. Anyone has the same experience? Why doesn't it work!!!
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    Weird! RFE was ordered, but not Received??

    When I called 800 number on Nov 24, I was told that response for my inquiry was sent on Nov 19 through fax. But I did not receive it. So, I called the emergency number today, Nov 29. The officer told me the RFE was ordered (she used the word "ordered", not "requested", whatever) on Nov 23. But...
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    The Updated Processing Time for CSC-11/19/2004

    The current processing time of CSC was updated. It is Feb 23, 2004.
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    I got the 2nd FP Notice and did it-Feb 2003 Applicant

    WAC 03 1005**** RD Feb 10, 2003 FP1 Apr 22, 2003 2 AP and 2 EAD 2 inquiries- No response FP2 Nov 6, 2004 FP Rcd-Onlime messange changed on Nov 10, 2004 LUDs-04/22/2003, 01/16/2004, 10/25/2004, 10/26/2004, 11/10/2004
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    What does LUD mean?

    Expert! Please, make any comments for me!!!! I filed I485 on Feb 10, 2003 to CSC, and I did FP on Apr, 2003. 100% FP was expired as all guys know it. But, there was no any notice, letter or action on my case since Apr, 2003. Even there was no updated after Jan, 2004. So, I made an inquiry on...
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    Is there any way to trigger FP request?

    I filed I-485 on Feb 10, 2003, and did the fist FP in Apr, 2003. After that I have not received any letter or notice for FP 2. Even there is no LUD since Apr, 2003. Obviously FP 1 was expired as you all know the validation of FP. Is there any way to trigger FP 2 request? I made an inquiry on Sep...