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    What papers to keep?

    So I finally got my GC, after 5.5 years of wait. Over these years I have accumulated a pile of documents, including old H-1 approvals, receipts, multiple AP/EADs, W-2s going back 10 years. I was wondering, what papers do I need to preserve, and which ones can I toss away? Will USCIS ever issue...
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    rollingstone approved 5/23/08

    Finally! After 5.5 years of never-ending backlogs and 10 years after first landing in the US, I can sing my song. My details: EB-2 India, PD=Dec 2002, RD=Jul 2006. 1 RFE, 3 SRs. Own labor, no conversion from EB-3. Did not contact...
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    What is pass processing?

    I got response for SR. Same old bull - pending extended review. However this time there was an extra line: "A supervisor will review for pass processing". What does this mean?
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    Is your namecheck pending more than 3 years?

    If so, please report here. USCIS says they will clear all NC pending 3 yrs by end of May. Let's see if they are true to their word this time.
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    Did anybody get approved without TB skin test?

    Just checking if TB skin test is mandatory for AOS approval..
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    Need GC to renew driver's license in Michigan Other states may follow. Good luck!
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    EB-2 India visas almost gone?

    The Dec bulletin says 38% of EB-2 India and China have been used up. I am assuming that means 38% India and 38% China quotas. The annual quota for each category is about 3000, which means about 1140 visas were used up as of end of first week of Nov. In my tracker, I counted 27 EB-2 India...
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    IMP bill for namecheck introduced in HOUSE!

    I apologize for the cross post but this is an important development that everyone stuck in namecheck must be aware of. An important bill was introduced in the house today that forces the FBI to end all namecheck backlogs. This is a very short bill and it has just one provision - to end...
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    Greencards to be revoked?

    Came across this: Does this mean that all greencards that did not go through namecheck will be revoked?
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    Happy new year!

    Hope FY08 brings lots of smiles to all of us, esp. old-timers.
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    General website related discussions

    This website is rippin'! The new hardware made a lot of difference. Thank you Rajiv, keep up the good work.
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    New processing times out

    TSC processing Aug 7, 2006. Date went back about 1 month.
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    All those who got recent approvals - please read

    Did you do TB skin test as part of your medicals? Your inputs will be appreciated.
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    Namecheck victims - read this

    Interesting insider information - and what you can do.
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    Interesting insider information on namecheck
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    Write to Zoe Lofgren for namecheck

    During a concall with Rajiv Khanna he shed some light on the namecheck mess. He said he talked to an FBI agent who used to be his client. As per this agent when a manual check is needed, it's assigned to an FBI agent fresh from training. This job is so boring that nobody wants to do it, thats...
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    H1 renewal after expiry?

    My H-1B expired this Jan. It was 8th year extension. My employer did not renew it because I have EAD. I anticipate huge EB2 retrogression soon and I am a bit scared of having to renew EAD/AP for many years to come. I think I will be able to persuade my employer to renew my H-1B, but the question...
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    AP expired while outside US

    Does anybody know what can be done if AOS application is pending and the applicant is outside of US (say due to some emergency), and AP expires? Is it possible to renew AP from outside the US? In the AP form I saw an option for sending the AP to a consulate of your choice outside the US. Has...
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    Renewing H1-B after 6th year while AOS pending

    Folks, Is it possible to get H1-B renewal after 6 years if labor and I-40 are approved? I mean 7th year H1-B renewals are granted only to people pending labor for more than a year. If the labor is approved, is the rule still valid? Thanks.
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    Re-entering on AP while H1B visa is valid

    Folks, If H1B visa is valid (but not stamped on passport), is it possible to reenter the country on AP? I read somewhere that if H1-B visa is valid, there is no need for A.P. But does it mean if you also have A.P you cannot use it?