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    Did anyone file 140/485 concurrently on sept29th

    Hi Guys, Did anyone send their 140/485/EAD/AP apps to Vermont service center on Sept 29 th by overnight. Our lawyer filed ours so that our 485 is applied before Oct1st. But we have not got any receipts until now. Will the overnight on 29th make our 485 apps fall on time without...
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    substitution gurus , please answer

    Company xyz is offering me an approved labor. It was filed on april 12 , 2001 with educational qualification requirement of MS. My MS degree says April 28th 2001. Can I still go for this labor since it is only few days difference Thanks
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    Can a nonRir case be EB2 category ?

    Our lawyer says he did a RIR case for us- but on the website our Labor is showing up as nonRir case. My lawyer says he faxed them about it, but did not get a response about it. He also says they filed it as EB2. If for some reason the case is recorded as nonRIR can it still be...
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    substitution labor being an issue because of designation

    Folks, Currently my designation in my company is 'Senior Programmer analyst'. My company has an approved labor for a 'Programmer analyst' position. The paralegal for our company is saying that she see's a potential issue because of me being a Sr.Programmer analyst versus the labor being...
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    salary being less than prevailing wage

    I came to know abt the link for the first time today reading from one of the posted msgs last year. This website showed me lot of useful info. By this I saw my husband's case in the 2004 mdb and were flabbergasted that his lawyer filed the case as non...