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    mortgage application with ead

    Most underwriters do not understand EAD. Most lenders guidelines would say valid H1 or Green Card. I'm a loan broker in CA. PM me if you want help/more info.
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    Home mortage with EAD & AP

    It is a pain to explain this to underwriters. I'm loan broker in CA. PM me if you want more info.
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    Urgent.....Only Wife received FP Notice

    In our case my wife only received FP2 notice (and took FP2 recently). I hope I get my FP2 soon!!!
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    Is it clear i need to file AC21 ?

    My company name changed 3 times (bought, merged, bought again) in the last 3 years (while my Labor, I-140 were pending). My title changed because of merger/acquisition and also because of promotion but I had absolutely no problem and according to the attorney all they have to file is "successor...
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    TRACKING for LUD 10/27/04

    This update should correct my mistake! waiting_may_2002---05/13/02--------------EB3 --------Pending dima66a----------11/16/02---AD-01/03-----EB2--------Pending candyroy---------12/02------AD-03/03-----EB3--------pending lalala--concurrent--12/27/02----------------EB3--------pending...
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    TRACKING for LUD 10/27/04

    waiting_may_2002---05/13/02--------------EB3 --------Pending dima66a----------11/16/02---AD-01/03-----EB2--------Pending candyroy---------12/02------AD-03/03-----EB3--------pending lalala--concurrent--12/27/02----------------EB3--------pending...
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    I-140 CALIFORNIA EB2 Tracker only

    WAC03218***** approved Just got e-mail from USCIS about my I140 approval. I140 (EB2) - RD 07/23/03, AD 09/17/04 I485/EAD/AP - RD 04/19/04 EAD/AP received in June'04. FP done on 06/05/04. Good luck everyone.
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    AR11 Address change

    If you need more information... Check out Good Luck
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    Need Help: Spouse Threatning

    Sorry Dude...! Anything you do, decide by and for yourself. Looks like you had/have the wrong advisors (relatives/firends) by your side. Good Luck.
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    Emergency trip to India

    Getting your passport stamped in India is the only option here (Unless you have Advance Parole approved). Since you are already in H1 visa, you can use drop-box method and you should get it in less than 10 business days. You will have to wait in India until you get your passport stamped. 8...
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    Medical Checkup

    You can get a letter from the doctor who treated you with the medications you took and the duration as well. Take this letter to the the INS civil surgeon and they will specify this on their form OR The INS doctor will specify in the report that, the skin test is posive, chest x-ray is...
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    Urgent -- Medical Exam..

    MMR and Varicella must be taken on the same day for Varicella vaccine to be effective. Otherwise you must wait for 30 days and take Varicella again. Also taking multiple doses of Varicells is harmless. Your choices are: 1.wait for 30 days, 2. get a letter from Indian doctor .... as others...
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    medical question

    Medical Exam According to my doctor... The outcome of your medical report has nothing to do with your GC approval. This exam is to make sure that any disease you have can be cured and doesn't spread to others!!!! If you have 'Worry about" list, you can keep medical exam crap as the last...
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    California DOL (Regional) Tracking

    Thanks... I have received no NOF, no RFE,..... Just direct approval. My company is into networking/communication semi-conductor filed with ~800 employess and the corporate office is in San Diego. But our group in bay area, with ~50 employees, work in video processing area which has no...
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    California DOL (Regional) Tracking

    Updated with my details
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    California DOL (Regional) Tracking

    999.151-031 Here's what happened to my case. Bay area semi-conductor company with 50 people (Corporate Head in SanDiego). Case # : 095XXXXX DOT Code : 999.151-031 DOT Description : Computer Software Engineers, Applications No. of Openings : 1 Received Regional Office: 05/28/2002...