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    Dad's green card approved but not in the US

    Hello I applied for GC for my father on family( am citizen) in July. He left to home country in Oct after applying for parole. When he left he did not have parole approved. Got an RFE on parole saying that beneficiary left the country about 3 weeks ago. We have to submit a valid visa like H...
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    Re Entering the US after 10 months on GC

    My mother has been in India last 10 months. She went for a visit and got sick. Doctor advised not to travel for about 6 months. Now is she is all recovered and would like to come back. We did not file a re entry permit since it was an unexpected event. ( My understanding is that reentry should...
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    Anybody knows the timeline at NBC for I130 & 485

    Hello There I applied I 130 & I 485 in DEC for my mother. Anybody knows the time line now a days for these applications? I live in NC state and I sent the applications to a lockbox in chicago. thanks
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    When to apply for citizenship

    I Got my GC ( employement) 08/20/2007. I found from the form that I can file after 5 years. But some places say that I can file after 4 years and 9 months. Could you guys give me some insight please? How long the whole process take now a days? thanks for your reply in advance...
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    what happened to vvvvunlucky?

    What happened to vvvvunlucky? where are you buddy? Hope you got approved babu
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    what to do pending Parole if I485 approved

    Couple months ago I applied for parole I-131. As you guys know I got my green card approved. Now do I need to do do anything with this I-131? Do I need to withdraw it? thanks babu.
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    Amazing Grace!!! ( of Lord Krishna!!)--got email saying permanent status registered!!

    Dear friends I just opened up my email and saw that "On August 20 we mailed you a letter registering permanent status of this customer...etc etc" For both me and my spouse. I hope this is approval of both of us GCs( Is it ??). Thank you for all of your support. Fellow...
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    Do we get approvals anymore?

    Do we get anymore approvals? Especially for India/China and other retrogressed people because of Visa ? I guess according to bulletin and last months DOS statement by Aug 15 is some kinda last date right? What are you folks thoughts on this? thx baby
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    called 07/25 check & additional reviews

    I called up NSC today I was told that your case is in security check and additional review. Anybody has anyclue what is that? When I called up yesterday I was told that everything is clear and waiting for an officer to review..Everybody consistently told me till today that all security...
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    CSC->NSC Xferred in March 20007 or after approved??

    Any CSC->NSC cases Transferred in March 2007 or after got approved? Your input greatly appreciated/ thx babu
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    Is there an end?

    I'm losing faith...I feel like I'm surrounded by darkness..This wait is unbearable..Its been six years this miserable journey...The only ray of hope is this forum... Is there an end for this? Inside my study I've a picture of Jesus Christ and the title reads "I will not abandon you...
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    Cases Transferred from CSC to NSC are not being processed!!!!!!

    Dear Friends Case transferred from CSC ot NSC are not being processed. Please take part in the following campaign. If we wait we will endup in a bad shape. babu
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    CSC to NSC cases..Its time for Action...Urgent.......TIME FOR ACTION .......

    Dear CSC to NSC filers It is clear that CSC->NSC filed cases are not being treated fair. Either we have to act or we may end up in waiting several years again. I see cases which are filed in 2005 origianlly filed at NSC are being approved. But cases filed at CSC on 2003 are not being...
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    Questions on Medicals

    When I took my medical test for 485, I did not do any vaccinations. Neither did I submit my vaccination records of childhood. They took my blood and did skin test for TB. The doctor said to me and wife that everything is perfect. Is it mandatory to take vaccinations? thx. babu
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    Any CSC to NSC transfered cases approved recently?

    Hello Fellas Any cases that are transferred from CSC to NSC got approved recently? If so kindly post your Applied date and Transfer date and other details... thanks babu
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    AC21 Need Help

    Hello Guyz I'm AC21 Eligible ( 140 approved 485 is 6Months + ). I would like to change employer. As per the contract I've to give 1 month notice. Now what would happen if they revoke during the notice period. ie I've 29 days to start with the new place and old company put a letter to...
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    My experience at Los Angeles, entry with parole.

    I re-entered through Los Angeles with advance parole on Apr29. Things were extra smooth so that I cant ask for any better. The person who directs people showed me to a line for non residents. An officer took my passport and parole documents and marked something on the new I-94 card I filled...
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    Non Profit Organization and I-485

    Does anybody know if there is any quota exemption for non profit organizations? thanks babu
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    immigration voice may change the destiny!!! We hired a lobby firm already

    Hello Friends hired a lobby firm in Washington DC and fighting retrogression. We are growing fast and may change the fate of employement based immigration future.. Join us today!!!
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    Join retrogression

    Hello fellow sufferers is in the process of setting up a massive campaign to remove retrogression. So far raised $65,000 and hired a professional lobbying firm. The lobbying firm will help make sure that our voice will be heard in the...