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    RTD + Green , cruise?

    Hello all. I have an RTD (expires aug 2011) and a Green Card. Can I go on a cruise to the Carribean or Bahamas with the documents I have ? or I will need a visa? Thanks
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    Germany to Austria/RTD

    Hello all, I'm a green card holder and will get my refugee travel document soon. I would like to know if I travel to germany with my RTD+Green Card (Germany requires no visa for RTD holders), can I take a train from there and go to Austria for a few days without an austrian visa? please...
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    lost green card

    hello all, a friend of mine has lost his green card and will apply for a replacement. but meanwhile, if he wants to travel outside the U.S., is there some sort of temporary green card that he can obtain while he gets the replacement card? also, what's the timeline for I-90 now? I looked at the...
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    Parent's oath?

    Hello all. My parents passed the naturalization exam beginning of April .. and they were told they will do the oath together .. my dad received his oath letter a few days ago, my mom didn't get it yet! the oath is on 04/30.. in case she didn't get hers before the oath date. does she need to...
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    Medicare or Medicaid?

    Hello all, My parents just finished their 5 year residency in the U.S. and would like to know if they should apply for Medicare or Medicaid (they have no income and didn't work in the U.S.), they're both over 65 .. Thanks!
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    I-131 Fee waiver after I-485?

    Hello all. I applied for Green Card in August .. and got in end of September. Can I still file for Refugee Travel Document I-131 without paying the fees? as the instruction say on Page 8 that whoever applied after July 2007 can apply for I-131 without fees. some ppl say it has to be...
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    COLORED copies of ID/Passport a must for I-485?

    Hello All, A relative of mine is preparing his I-485 application and he has been told that the copies of his Driver License/ID and passport MUST be COLORED .. and none of the stores (i.e. Kinkos, UPS..) accepted to do colored copies for him saying its illegal .. and he dont know what to do ...
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    My Green Card timeline

    Aug 13, 2009 - Application Sent Sep 21, 2009 - BIO3 Sep 29, 2009 - Card Production Ordered :D Thanks for everyone who have helped answering my questions and concerns .. Good Luck to all ...
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    I-485 Fee Waiver / Notice Rcvd

    Hello all I have a friend who sent his & his family's I-485 applications Aug 26 with a Free Waiver letter, a week later he received the receipt notice for the application.. does this mean that their Fee Waiver has been accepted ? the online status says: " Current Status: The fee was...
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    Filed I-485 - Biometrics when?

    Hello All... I sent my I-485 Application last week and got the receipt 2 days later .. but I haven't got a biometrics appointment yet! How long it usually takes to get it after the receipt? I have done bio last year in September for my travel document, so I think it has not been...
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    Current USCIS Status on I-485

    Hello all, I will be sending my Green Card application next week and I want to know what I should write in Part1. Current USCIS Status: _______________ I entered with H1B visa and applied for asylum 6 months after that .. Thank you in advance
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    Filing I-131 with I-485

    Hello I've read in the I-131 instructions that I can apply for it for free by providing a copy of I-797C receipt ... but it doesn't say what's the time frame if I want to apply for it after the I485 and not concurrent with it .. For example, can I apply for RTD after 3 months from the I-485...
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    green card & medical benefits

    Hello all, my parents came to the u.s. Sponsored by my uncle (passed away) and in february 2010 they will finish their 5 years continues green card residency my question is, can they apply for medicaid ? If yes, when can they apply ? (ps, they dont have any income) waiting for your...
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    Canadian Visa Application

    Hello I want to apply for Canadian Visa I am an Asylee What do I choose in the "Immigration Status for Applicant" ? Permanent Resident or I choose Other and write "Asylee" ? and it says Valid Until ___/___/______ ? What to write ? Thank you
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    Income Tax & RTD (page 21)

    hello all I read today on page 21 that every alien leaving the country should procure a certificate of tax income or something like that .. where do we get such certificate from ? i have my copy of filing income tax return for 2008, does that help? Thank u
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    Amsterdam Transit / RTD

    Hello Does anyone know if transit in Amsterdam requires an Airport Transit Visa for RTD holders ?? or it depends on the citizenship of the RTD holder? Please share your expierence Thanks
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    when you apply for GC?

    I was granted asylum in August 2008 When shall I send my GC application? After exactly one year from granting asylum? or 90 days prior to completing one year from granting asylum? Thanks
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    Transit in Germany / RTD

    Does Germany require to have a visa on RTD for transit in Germany ? I want to book on Lufthansa and there will be a few hours transit in germany... thx (p.s. I am an Asylee, so will be using RTD only)
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    Where/How to apply for Canadian Visa?

    Hello all.. I want to apply for a canadian visa on travel document without GC .. Where and how can i apply? is it done by mail ? or i have to be there in person? any helpful information will be appreciated..
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    Asylum Approval Date?

    Hello Is the Asylum Approval date backdated to the day of interview ? or the day the background check has finished and approval letter sent ? thank u