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    Address change after greencard issuance

    Hello fellows Greencard has already been issued last week f2a Child of LPR ( cspa protected) exception aging out If the address where we initially submited uscis and nvc and at embassy we submitted an address to receive the physical greencard and the ssn But now house is sold and a change of...
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    Child of lpr entering usa

    If a child of LPR was issued an immigrant visa and he is over 21 but was protected but CSPA and embassy issued his visa, if his parents ( the petitioner) is not in USA , they are residing outside due to heart surgery, can the child enter usa on his immigrant visa without the petitioner being...
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    American children should be mentioned in the application

    if a family memver applying for him and his wife for the dv lottery should they mention that they have american children? Although the site mentioned that that you should put 0 if u have american children or greencard holders! Any clarification is appreciated
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    As the new law effective september, no dv for iran or yemen or syria

    is that true. No dv for iran or yemen or syria? Does that mean that extra visas will be available for other asia countries?
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    Delivery of a baby for a wife on b1/b2 visa made the counsler refuse the renewal of visa fr husband

    a friend of mine got visas for him and his wife , she delivered twins in the us , her visa has 2 years to expire , while yhe husband visas expired! So he went to apply , the co rejected his visa, twice! Do you think there is a chance if applies again? Any similar expriences?
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    Expert advice needed

    hello! This is for experts mom , sussie, britsmon I have a little brother he is 19 years old , i applied for him 2 years ago as immigrant and now i sponsored my parents and they got there greencard a while ago, the question is can my parents apply for my brother since he is under unmarried...
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    System is working now go check your results

    It worked for me
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    Still getting error about the invalid information

    so guys what should we do wheres @Britsimon
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    Does wrong information message means your selected?

    so what do you think guyz?
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    Dv2018 Lebanon winners

    new thread for lebanon dv 2018 winners
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    Experts help needed

    if a family member when renewing a b1/b2 visa at the embassy, the counsler told her that she lied at the port of entry at the customs when they asked her if she will deliver her baby, and she paid all her medicals , the counsler refused renewing the visa twice, do you think if she applys and...
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    Same photo from last year will be disqualified?

    is that true ? Sane photo will be disqualified? And how will u know if ur disqualified on the basis of a photo?
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    2nd draw will be held?

    hello, I have been recently reading that a 2nd draw will be held because of the travel ban , and that in order to fullfill the 50k visas! Is that true ? We are asking britsmon please reply
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    Expert help needed

    Hi, Alot told me your an expert here, so if you can advice me on this case My parents got there immigration visas today And i have 1 brother aged 17 And unmarried sister aged 23 Both of them also applied for them immigration visa and the 2 visas also went to nvc, i can check them on ceac and...
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    Kcc found the problem, and trying to fix it

    See the photos, they found the problem good news to session time out, they are winners
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    Dv 2016, lebanese and saudi winners post here

    Hi, its bcz i have cross chargibility of saudia arabia and lebanon, thought we can share ideas for dv2016 best of luck
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    Dv2016 entry date

    hi, thought if everyone can submit there date of entry and everyone can write down his info , in order to see who will be lucky! Hope everyone will get lucky! Entry date: 20 october 2014 Country: lebanon, AS Ya rab
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    Lebanon winners i am here to help

    all lebanon winners i am here to help , as i passed this situation before :) call me
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    Its that time of the year again, listen to my story

    hello, hehe a funny story really! I swear it happened , back at 2007 as i remember, in lebanon internet was slow and you know smartphones was few so people didnt understand what lottery meant and they actually didnt know that it exists, i was young first year college, working as 200$ per month...
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    dv2010 winners from lebanon or saudia arabia plz post here

    hey people any winner from lebanon or saudia arabia , plz post ur nls in here and lets share experience