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    One more approval for 9/5

    Got 'Approval Sent' mail for my wife @ 12:01 today. She was told 2ce last week that here case has to wait till Oct for visa no. Looks like that's all crap. Thanks to who ever told me that my wife would get approved within 2 weeks. I got my card yesterday. Looks like finally our 6...
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    Finally it's my turn - a Sunday phone call changed it all...

    ...yeah...yeah...yeah... ...etc...etc...etc... ...after hearing lots of crap for 6 years, finally I also got my approval on 8/, no,'s not over for me...they wouldn't let that happen so easily... they approved mine...but they didn't approve my wife', I am still...
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    As bad as it gets!!!

    Get this now! Your case can get RE-assigned from one IO to another IO too and that might start you wait again!!! I was told before that my case was assigned to an IO on June 4th. Since then nothing heppened. Today I was told that my case was RE-assigned recently to another IO. After sitting...
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    What exactly is my Transfer Date?

    I see for Transfer cases, everyone is mentioning their transfer dates. I am a bit confused as to what exactly is my transfer date. Could someone please help me with that? On 3/2 I received a mail from USCIS website that "your case has been transferred to the Texas office..." On 3/7 I...
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    AP travel and I-94 question

    I am in the never ending AOS pending status for sometime now. I have traveled using AP to India a couple of times. Last time I returned, my I-94 stamp was till Sept'06. I don't intend to travel abroad right now, but may want to travel in 2007. 1. Does this I-94 expiry date matter to me...
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    Affidavit of support I 134

    I am confused with a question in the Affidavit of Support I 134. Field # 10 : "That I have submitted visa petitions to the BCIS on behalf of the following persons" : I am currently in the I 485 Adjustment of Status process with my wife as the dependent applicant. Do I have to mention her...
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    New passport...what's the procedure?

    My old passport was expiring next I mailed it to the Indian Embassy and got a new passport... Do I have to inform VSC since my 485 is pending? Or do I just send copies of my new passport when applying for my next EAD / AP? Anyone been in the same situation? Thanks in advance for...
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    Anyone with experience of contacting a PA Senator?

    Is there anyone out there with any experience of contacting a PA Senator? I am trying to figure out whom should I contact to get the best results Senator Spector / Santorum / Fitzpatrick? Also, if someone could give me a format / link of a standard letter to send to the Senator regarding...
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    Why is EAD & AP dates not moving?

    Anyone has any idea why EAD & AP dates are not moving anymore? EAD & AP dates have been June 25th for the last 3 times dates have been updated. Any idea? Also I485 dates are Dec 2004. What does that mean?
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    Queries regarding filing for EAD

    I am filing for my EAD [not e-filing, the regular application form] and I have the following questions. Really appreciate if someone who has filed for EAD himself, can answer these: 1) What should I write for (14) Manner of Last Entry (Visitor, Student etc)? I was on H1B but last time I...
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    Company Acquired - What Happens To My I485 App?

    Hi all, My company is in the process of being acquired by a bigger fish in the pond. I have applied for my I485 in Nov'2003 and got my I140 approved in June'2004. So what happens to my I485 application now? Do I have to apply again? Do I have to inform USCIS and the existing I485 stays...
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    Should Fbi Outsource Security Check Process To India

    I AM WAITING FOR MY SECURITY CHECK TO BE CLEARED FOR A LOOONG TIME I Have Also Sent Several Mails / Faxes / E-mails / Voice Mails To Fbi.. But They Never Reply... Last Time I Called Vermont, They Told Us..."please Stop Calling Us, We Can Do Nothing Until Your Security Clearance Is Thru"...
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    Can you apply for a new AP yourself? Or do you have to go thru a lawyer

    Hi, I need to apply for a new AP. My old one has expired and I am wondering whether I can do it myself. The first one the lawyer did along with the 485 application. Can I ask for an extension / new AP myself? If anyone have done that, could you please provide me the info? Thanks in...
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    Was anyone able to get thru and talk with VSC recently

    I have been trying for the last 1 week to call VSC. But everytime I call the NSC no., the automated service says "Sorry, due to some system problem... ..." Have any of you called recently and was able to get thru?