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    Spouse AP RFE, my AP approved after GC

    Always wished I could be in this side of the forum. Which I finally am now after GC approval. I tell ya, it feels Good!! :D My (and my wife's) GC got approved a couple of weeks ago. What is strange is AFTER GC approval, my pending AP was approved :eek: and my wife got RFE on her AP :eek...
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    485 approved after filing Lawsuit

    Finally my 485 is approved after 3 years of wait. I was stuck at Name check black hole. I had tried everything, contacted Senators, Congresman, First Lady, FOIPA, etc. and nothing worked :mad: I got so sick and tired of waiting, that I filed a Lawsuit (Writ of Mandamus) Pro Se (which...
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    only fingerpriting taken, no biometrics

    FINALLY, Got the magic emails - On August 28, 2006, after approving your application, we ordered you a new card. Your card will be mailed to you as soon as it is ready. :cool: On August 26,2006 I had a appointment for fingerprinting only (Code 1) and my wife had appointment for...
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    Reentry permit

    Hello- My parents have already got thier permanent residency and applied for reentry permit once in the past which was approved. -Can they apply for reentry permit again? or can the reentry permit be applied just once? -how long will it take to get it approved? -Has any one got it approved...
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    EAD and AP on hold

    I had posted this question on EAD and AP forum, but did not get any response, so I am posting it here. I have a concurrent application and my EAD and AP were on hold as I had an RFE on my 140. Since then my 140 has been approved, however the EAD and AP are not yet approved. I want to go out of...
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    140 RFE EAD, AP on hold, can I apply for iAP

    I applied for 140 in Aug 2003, I had an RFE on Dec 03 on 140, so my EAD, AP are not approved. can I apply for iAP(if there is such a thing)? I needed to go out of the country, can I go to the local USCIS office and ask for AP like iEAD?
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    Case status scanner results

    Folks, As you all know talkative has posted a very easy to use scanner( Let us post the results of our scan here, and keep that thread free for scanner related questions. Here are my results. I have scanned 2500 cases around August...
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    If 140 denied and appeal is pending, can we file for 7th yr extension?

    If 140 is denied, and I appeal to AAO, but my H1b is nearing its 6 year deadline, can I file for 7th year extension? My 140 is not denied yet, but was curious.