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    Going back to India

    Ooops! -- Again, Iam not saying most of the mgrs are like that, but u got to understand that here people have legalized most of the stuff. Infact my mgr says, u scratch my back, I will scratch u'rs. Can u believe that? -- Whew! I just can't believe that the above is happening (if it indeed...
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    Going back to India

    R K's article was an interesting read and was strikingly accurate regarding an Indian's life in the US. I love RK's works and my favorite was the great "Malgudi Days" which I have read twice (and watched the entire series on TV in India). But it is impossible not to notice the "greatness of...
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    do I need to carry my passport?

    I am taking a vacation within the US and I am carrying my GC with me... Do I need to carry my passport as well? ...
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    Do I need to file AR-11

    Mr. Khanna, others.. I have been living in the current address for about 3 years now. I filed for my H1 and green card from my current residence. I have green card now. It looks like the INS the great has started to impose the AR-11 thing quite vehemently now. It looks like this change of...