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    I-485 package to be resent?

    Hi guys! I have a quick question about I693 medical exam copy. Here is the story:my friend filed I-485 and got rejected because he couldn't provide the evidence they requested from him in a timely manner. So, he got a letter with rejection, but it said that he was still eligible for a green...
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    summary of fees, please

    Hi guys! I am finally ready to mail all my papers soon, and I just want to make sure I have the right amounts for fees. It's for adjustment of status, I have $1070 for I 485, $420 for I-130, what else I am missing, please, help me. I am mailing I-864, I-765, I-131 together, +medical exam...
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    I-131 form

    Another question, guys, hope you will clear it out for me. I am filling out I-131 for travel, I decided send it with my package in case the processing will take a long time. What do I have to write on a separate sheet of paper,that's what it says in Part7. And what if I want to go for 8 weeks...
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    I-765 question

    Hi everyone, please, help me with another question. It's #15, current immigration status. I understand that I have to write J-1 exchange visitor under Manner of Last Entry. But after J-1 I was on B-2 visa, which is already expired. What should I write under current immigration status. Please...
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    question about fillig out the forms

    Hi guys!I have a question,please, help me. If I am filling out the forms in Adobe, but I don't have enough space for my middle name, it's too long, can I just write it down on the form by hand? Thank you!
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    different names spelling

    Hello! Guys, I hope smb can explain if I should worry about my name spelling. I am from Belarus, Europe. So, we have 2 official languages, Russian and Belorussian. I am confused now filling out the forms, as my birth certificate is originally in Russian. My name turned out to be spelled a...
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    I-130 form,question 14

    Hi guys! I am helping my husband to fill I-130 for me and we are stuck on q.14. I came as j-1 visitor, got two of my B2 visas approved, but I didn't leave the country. So now I have I-94 in my passport from entering USA as J-1 visitor, and then I have two updated I-94 for my B2 visas. So, in...
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    about medical insurance from my husband

    Hi everybody! Is it possible for my husband to add my name to his FREE Medicare insurance, you think? Does anybody have any experience with this situation? Or we need to buy one? Thank you!
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    question about joint account with my husband, please help!!!

    Hi! I have a question, guys. I am working on filling out all paperwork for I-485 AOS. We tried to open a joint checking account with my husband, but since he has some credit debt, we couldn't open it:( Do you think I can just add my husband to my checking and credit accounts as an authorized...
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    I-485 "Current USCIS Status"

    Hi guys! Please, help me with a few questions on I-485 form, I am so confused. What should I write under Current USCIS Status and Expires on, if I came as a J1 student visa(not subject to 2 year residency requirement) and it is actually expired:(I read a lot of info and I need your opinion...
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    affidavits of Bonafide Marriage

    Another question, guys! The instructions on I130 ask for affidavits of Bonafide Marriage by a third party. I read a lot of different opinions about this. Some people say you don't have to send them as USCIS doesn't have it on the checklist for I 130, and that they will even delay the processing...
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    AOS question

    Hi! I am working on filling out the forms for my AOS. And I have a question, I came to US as a J1 student, then I stayed and extend my stay with 2 tousirt visas. Do I have to mention them and send any indfo with my I485 form? Please, help!Also, on I130 form question #16 is askinf if the...
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    Mailing address

    Hi guys! I have a question about mailing and residential adresses. Please, clear it out to me if you can! I know some of my friends had issues with them getting mail from USCIS. So, I'd like to get all my mail from the beginning straight to my PO Box. But I don't see any form(except for I...
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    Question about SSN

    Hi everybody! I have a question about my SSN. I tried to change my last name on it yesterday, and a very nice lady told me I can't do it if I don't have work authorization yet. I just got married to a USC. So, will there be a problem with it when I file papers soon with my old SSN? I've changed...
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    Newly married to US citizen, please help!

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to say thank you for all info and help you provide for such people as I am. I am new here. So, I'll be grateful if anybody could help me. I just got married to an US citizen and we are planning to start preparing all forms for my Adjustment of Status. But my first...