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    Does dependents need to have EAD or AP always?

    Hi Guys, After long journey, my case got approved 3 months back and my wife's case is still pending. I applied EAD only once for her along with 485 application. She got AP twice and second one also expired. As we don't have any plan to travel to india now i didn't apply for her 3rd AP. She's...
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    Dec-2001 case approved.

    :) :) :) :) :) :) Hi GUYS, My case finally approved on June - 30th.
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    second FP without notice..??

    what happens when you give FP with out notice? I went to local INS for my interim EAD and explained that I've been waiting for second fp notice for ever. Then those kind ladies took FP in January month. But for all my lawyer inquiries and expedite requests, they always said FP's are not...
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    Any one called NCSC number ..please post response here..

    Hi All, Any one called NCSC recently and recd a written response from them within 30 days? is that true they will send response to our home address? if any body got response from BCIS can you please post details here..thanks.
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    Any body sent RFE response after June 15th please post the status here..

    Hi Guys, I got an RFE for W2, TAX Returns, employment letter etc on 5/21 and response sent to BCIS on 6/16 which would've got there by 6/17. But online message is not updated to repsonse revd. Is there any body sent response recently got approved / message changed, please post u r...
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    travel with AP - Need help.

    Anybody recently travelled to india through Amsterdam, Netherlands using AP (without valid visa on passport). I am in 485 stage and no valid visa on my passport. Planning to travel with AP. Do any body know we require transit visa? Any one travelled recently through NW/KLM please respond...
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    Advance Parole approved.

    Hi Guys.. AP RENEWAL's for my self and spouse are approved. MD: 1/27/2003 RD: 1/28/2003 ND: 1/30/2003 AD: 2/24/2003.
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    dull day???

    why not many people posting messages here today??
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    Recent AP & EAD EXtn filers..Plz respond.

    Hi Guys, Any of you filed AP or EAD extn in last week of january? Did any of you got the receipts? please post the details. I sent my AP on 26th jan and still checks not encashed. Thanks.
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    AP Question- where to file..

    Can I file for Advance Parole (renewal) in Local INS office (Memphis) If my I-485 is pending in INS vermont. I appreciate your reply.
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    Advance Parole

    Hi Guys, If I am renewing my Advance Parole do I have to check mark YES for "Have you ever been issued a reentry permit or Refugee travel Document?" Column? I appreciate your reply. Thanks in Advance.
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    EAD Renewal Approved

    Hi Everybody, My EAD renewal approved today. RD: 10/23/2002 ND: 10/29/2002 AD: 01/15/2003 EAC-03-022-50*** My current EAD expires on 1/17/2003. All the best to those who are waiting for their EAD's to get renewed.
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    Imp. Question on AP - Pls give me feed back

    Hi Guys, If we are travelling on AP, and during the stay in India, if your 485 is approved, what will happen at the port of entry when we come back? Do they allow us into country based on Advance Parole? Please post your experience or your opinion. Thanks.
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    EAD Renewal Cases..Don't trust IIO's

    Hi All, My EAD renewal case is pending. My ND is 10/29/2002 and Current EAD expires with in a week. I called IIO's 3 times so far. I got different answers all 3 times. Last time when i called 3 weeks back, IIO told me case was assigned to officer and it will be approved with in a week or...
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    Any Oct filed EAD renewal cases..plz post..

    Hi All, Is any body still waiting for an approval after filing EAD renewal in OCT this yr? My case is still pening and RD is 10/23 with ND 10/29. Please post your details..
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    RFE for Advance Parole??????????????????

    Guys, I checked AVM today, it says they issued RFE for AP. Any body got an idea what it could be? I guess this is not normal. My RD:12/20, ND:1/4. EAD approved 1/25. Please share info guys... Thanks.
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    Finger Printing Question.

    Hi Guys, My RD is 12/20 and ND is 1/4/02. I gave FP\'s on 3/7/02 and AVM says my "Finger printing results are collected and PENDING REVIEW". For one of my friend who got similar dates it says "COLLECTED and Processing resumed". What is the difference between these two...